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Sheep's overall fortune in 2020

Lucky colors are orange and white

Taboo colors will be blue and green

Sheep people born in different sheep years

Sheep in 1943

In 2020, the zodiac sheep is over 60 years old, physical function declines, and is prone to health crisis. Once you do not pay attention to diet and work and rest, it may be prone to problems in the stomach, head and other aspects. Should not be lying in bed for a long time, proper aerobic exercise can enhance physical fitness, avoid high-risk diseases such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes. This year the elderly should not travel far. It is recommended to cancel activities such as group tours and family visits, adjust home furnishings, and place feng shui lucky items to enhance their fortune. However, care must be taken to avoid oversized renovation projects and being counterproductive. This year, if you have happy events or grandchild or attend wedding, you can reverse your fortune.


Sheep in 1955

In 2020, the zodiac sheep ’s health is slightly reduced, and old diseases are likely to recur. It is recommended to reduce the number of outings. It is not recommended to be tired for a long time. You should pay attention to traffic safety when you go out and wear emergency medicine. This year's bad luck, avoid relocation, decoration and other environmental changes, elderly people should pay attention to bronchial, joint and lumbar spine. Moderate exercise can strengthen your physique, keep your heart open, feel happy, and pay attention to your schedule. In terms of money, there was no additional wealth coming from the influence of the fortune this year. The living conditions were not affluent, but they also had nothing to worry about. If your child's work is too busy to take care of, you can join the elderly activity center and chat with others to pass the time.


Sheep in 1967

In the first half of 2020, the zodiac sheep is very fortunate, and there are many opportunities for promotion and salary increase in the career, and can be recognized by bosses and leaders, and there are many noble people to help work. There is little pressure for work; Plan and work hard to create new career heights. In terms of investment, we must be cautious and rigorous. We must not rush to achieve success. We must carefully analyze investment risks and refer to the opinions of others. In the second half of the year, we can get good returns. This year's healthy fortune is good. Keep your mood peaceful and full of concentration. There must be good luck. At the same time, pay attention to working hours. Don't be overworked and work hard.


Sheep in 1979

In 2020, the shepherds are generally fortunate, with many things that are tiring and tiring, the work pressure is high, the performance is not satisfactory, and everything is not smooth. It is easy to receive customer complaints, conflicts with leaders, poor interpersonal relationships, and some people are talking behind the scenes; mistakes in work are easy to occur, and physical and mental fatigue. It is recommended to appropriately change the decoration style or home furnishings this year to avoid the accumulation of dust and dust. We must establish a good circle of friends in our career. We must concede everything, be careful, patient, and persevering. We must maximize the benefits of the project at hand. In terms of marriage, this year's fortune is relatively smooth. Singles are more likely to meet the other half of their favorite. Married couples are loving and harmonious.


1991 Sheep

The zodiac sheep in 2020 is extremely fortunate. It is important to seize the opportunity. The group will fully display all talents and abilities, and formulate career plans and goals, move forward according to the direction, and persevere. The fortune of the mid-year career will be greatly enhanced. It is recommended to learn how to manage finances, control costs and expenses, avoid making more money and spend more. You can save money and make additional investments. Some investments this year are good, analyze market conditions, and make small-scale investments will get unexpected money. The relationship is fortunate. Singles have no shortage of pursuits, but should not enter a relationship quickly. You must be carefully considered before get into trouble.

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