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Seeing the dining table when you enter the door. The man's work is bad

If you enter the house, the first thing you see is not the living room, but the dining room, the dining table, or you want to watch TV while eating, and put the dining table in the living room, which violates the "open the door and meet the food" pattern in the feng shui taboo. . If the home is open to the table, it symbolizes that people think of "eat" as soon as they go home. This will cause the men in the family to only value material life, their personalities will become easy and evil, and they will lose their mobility and enthusiasm at work. They will only face setbacks. Will evade, not enterprising. In the long run, it will also cause the nobles to stay away, and the luck of work will not rise and fall back. In addition, it also symbolizes that exposing the family’s treasury to outsiders will often have the problem of friends borrowing money, and the offspring of offspring are mostly unwilling to work and will only ask their parents for money to spend.

The best way to resolve the pattern of seeing the table is to move the table or dining room. If it cannot be changed, place a copper gourd on the table. The gourd is filled with incense ash from the temple and symbolizes wood, fire, and earth. The five-color crystal stones of, gold and water can alleviate the adverse effects of this pattern. In addition, you can also use the screen to block the sight of the table as soon as you enter the door.

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Tiffany Võ
Tiffany Võ
Feb 02, 2022

Hi Roger, hope you’re doing well. This is Tiffany and Craig in West Hollywood. Did you mean we buy a empty copper gourd that we can fill inside with the incense ash from the temple? Thank you so much.

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