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Feng Shui for Rich (4)

Rich people don’t have trash cans!

You can't see trash cans in rich people's homes. Trash cans will only appear in places such as the kitchen, but not in every room. Most of the trash cans are placed in drawers or invisible places, which can be said to be almost invisible at home.

Why can't I see the trash can at home? As long as the trash can is placed in an obvious place, there will be the idea of ​​throwing out the trash. Therefore, rich people are used to hiding the trash can to prevent such awareness.

Because Rich people don’t want to increase the garbage at home, They don’t take plastic bags when go to the convenience store and refuse to overpack. The rich don't want to spend even a second on rubbish. why? Because rubbish is rubbish, it is a troublesome thing that must be "thrown away" with great effort.

Rich people think: Don't spend time on rubbish!

In family life, the location of the trash can is best hidden and try not to be exposed, so that the trash can is not seen at a glance, which can improve the fortune of the family and reduce the influence of filthiness.

Of course, you can also buy some high-end garbage cans that you like to look at. If you put them outside in time, you can't find that they are garbage cans. It can also play a good role in dissolving filth and will not affect your fortune.

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