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Poor stomach, it may have something to do with your family's Feng Shui

Poor stomach, it may have something to do with your family's Feng Shui

In our lives, we often find friends who have poor gastrointestinal tracts. It is better to treat for a period of time, but if you don't pay attention to dressing and eating, gastrointestinal diseases will occur. In addition to avoiding cold and spicy food, these people should also pay attention to whether there are feng shui factors that cause gastrointestinal diseases in the layout of the home environment.

For example, household appliances are among the five elements, especially washing machines. If they are placed and run in an improper position, they can easily cause gastrointestinal and heart discomfort. Because the stomach and the heart belong to the fire earth in the five elements, it will inevitably produce the feng shui effect of mutual growth and mutual restraint.

In many cases, the male host at home has a stomach problem. Check the room, and the washing machine is mostly placed in the northwest of the home. The hostess at home has a stomach problem. In most cases, a washing machine or dry cleaning machine is placed in the southwest.

It is said that many family members have to go to work from 9 to 5 every day, and all family members leave the house before turning on the washing machine. They believe that when the washing machine is used to wash laundry, family members do not stay at home and let it automatically wash, which can avoid the impact of the washing machine's operation on the stomach and heart to a certain extent.

So, how to properly use and place household appliances to avoid adverse effects on the gastrointestinal transport and chemistry? The southwest of Gua Kun represents gastrointestinal diseases. Fengshui conditioning is required to prevent and treat gastrointestinal diseases.

If there are kitchens, gods, tall trees, air conditioners, sofas, safflower plants in the north, it is easy to cause the owner to suffer from rectal cancer, which must be resolved through layout.

If there are beds, gods, safflower plants, kitchens, bedrooms, air conditioners, freezers, etc. in the southeast, the host is prone to stomach and vomiting symptoms, which must be resolved by layout.

If there are beds, gods, safflower plants, kitchens, bedrooms, air conditioners, and freezers in the East, the owner is prone to stomach cramps and needs to be laid out to resolve them.

If there are sewers, toilets, exhaust outlets, sinks, washing machines, etc. in the south, the owner is susceptible to intestinal bleeding, constipation, bleeding and other diseases. They must be laid out to resolve them, and plants with red flowers should be removed at the same time.

Through the above feng shui conditioning, combined with drug treatment, gastrointestinal diseases can be cured smoothly. If there is no such disease, you can pay attention to the correct placement of electrical appliances and furniture in your home life to prevent problems before they occur.

Whether you believe it or not, Feng Shui has always been around you. Like thought, it is invisible and intangible, but it does exist in the body; the same is true for Feng Shui fortune. Why the fortune is high or low is affected by Feng Shui fortune. If the cause of the bad luck of the host needs to be improved, then it is sooner rather than later. The bad magnetic field repeats itself again and again. Without conversion, the bad fortune will be worse. If you change the unfavorable situation as soon as possible, you can transfer as soon as possible.


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