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Pig's overall fortune in 2020

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

Lucky colors are yellow and white

Taboo colors are gray and black

Pigs born in different pig years

1947 Pig

The zodiac pig in 2020 has a good fortune, and the fortune of money shows a steady increase. Retired people have considerable pensions. In their old age, they live in a leisurely and comfortable life and do not worry about money. But pay attention to health, diet as light as possible, eat less and eat more. Family members should always be by their side, but it should not be controlled too much. They can participate in elderly activity centers, practice Tai Chi and square dance with their peers. They are all good leisure and entertainment methods, which can relieve the pressure of life and consume time. However, the elderly must not be allowed to travel far away alone, and must be accompanied by their families, being careful of accidents.


1959 Pig

Entering 2020, the zodiac pigs have a good luck, and more or less accidents will come. We must be psychologically prepared, and we must maintain psychological balance in the face of even major setbacks. In terms of money fortune, we must be cautious. We do not recommend following small news and investing in large amounts. Be careful not to lose your money. It is recommended to observe the market situation and the loopholes in the contract from various aspects. Health is susceptible to external shocks, and there are many illnesses. If the situation is serious, seek medical treatment immediately. When going out, pay attention to traffic safety, and do not drive or drink red lights.


1971 Pig

The zodiac pig in the first half of 2020 has a good fortune, and everything goes smoothly. There are many noble people to assist in your career, and you will try to get the corresponding income return. However, we must pay attention to interpersonal communication, we must not be evil with others, and be careful that the villain is right and wrong. Maintain good communication relationships with customers, both at the end of the year, both in terms of money income and position authority. In terms of partial wealth, the general fortune is small. It is recommended that you can invest in a small scale, but you must be careful. Before investing, you must observe carefully and make a comprehensive plan. This year's marriage is fortunate. Singles are still lonely. You can introduce them through friends. Good candidates will appear around you. Familiarize yourself first. Don't rush into success. Married people are prone to ignore the other side due to busy affairs. It is recommended to spend more time with them to enhance their relationship.


1983 Pig

In 2020, the zodiac pigs will grow at a steady rate, with excellent luck and popularity, with the help of noble people, and ambitious and aggressive, and maintain a fearless attitude in everything, as long as you dare to dare to do it, you will definitely be able to stand out. However, we must pay attention to the standard of everything. We must not be complacent because of the moment of pride, nor should we be overly arrogant to provoke right and wrong, maintain a modest and learned attitude, and respect the elders and leaders. In terms of health, due to the busy schedule of work this year, physical health will be affected, mental stress will be greater, and irregular diet will cause gastrointestinal discomfort. Therefore, a proper travel plan can help ease work stress.


1995 Pig

Entering 2020, the zodiac pig has just entered the professional career, and is not familiar with turning theoretical knowledge into actual behavior. He has a good ability but cannot find a platform for exhibition. It is recommended to ask everything you do not understand, try your best to improve work efficiency, and maintain a positive attitude. The zodiac pig is not stable this year. Don't rush into a new relationship and keep a distance from the opposite sex. If you have a partner, you must allocate your time properly. Don't neglect your work because of your negligence, spend more time with the other side, and create surprises during the holiday season, adding sweetness to two people.

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