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Numbers and the secret of Feng Shui

The 10 numbers from 0 to 9 have their own meanings, and their meanings are different. If you want to use digital prosperous luck, you must first understand them!

What does 0 mean? In terms of mobile phone numbers, 0 means the loss of information. Don’t believe me? Then look at the people around you who love to lose things. They usually put 0 behind as the mantissa. 0 is also good, the biggest advantage is that you can return your mentality to the starting point and start over.

1 is the innate boss, a very powerful number. If there are a lot of 1s in the mobile phone number, it means that the person using this number has a strong desire for exclusiveness, an extremely domineering and arrogant. The flaw is that it is too unreasonable to listen to the opinions of others.

If the last digit of the mobile phone number is 2, the owner will gradually become lack of opinion. However, if you want to increase your eloquence, you can use this number, you can place this number in the second or fourth place from the bottom of your phone.

3 is half auspicious and half evil, and five out of ten people like this number. However, if you use this number for a long time, it will affect your mentality. However, the good side of this number is that in learning, if you are eager to get an ideal score in the test, you can buy a number with a mantissa of 333. To help you, at the same time, anyone who treats others coldly can use this number to make them enthusiastic.

4. Many Chinese people hate this number, but do you know? This number is the best choice to promote love. For example, the mantissa is 4343, 5454, 1964, 4499, etc., which are the most ideal combinations to promote love. However, people who are usually irritable should never use 4. 4 and 1 are best not to be put together, which will cause conflicts between husband and wife.

5 is a big lucky number, especially four 5s, namely 5555, which means great benefit and good luck. Three 5s are good, and two 5s are fine. One 5 is thin. The most powerful is six 5s, which are the best numbers. However, if men use it for a long time, a big problem will arise, which is easy to cause marriage failure, so successful men must choose carefully.

6. In the minds of many Chinese people, this number is a smooth meaning, but in fact, this number does not bring much luck. Judging from this number itself, it looks rough, conceited, and stubborn, which is very detrimental to people's success. In addition, if this number shows too much, people will become insidious and cunning.

7. It means loneliness, departure, and death, so if you are in a time of weak luck, please use this number, it will stop your bad luck, this number is a turning point. But this number cannot be used for a long time. It is an excessive number. Generally, this number can be used in the last 6 digits. However, this number is also very dangerous. Married persons, especially men, must not set the last number to this number.

8 has the meaning of making money, but pay attention to the question of degree. Using more of this number may not be a good thing. Four 8s are disasters. Generally two 8s are auspicious. If you use 8, you need to match the number corresponding to it to reach its natural state. This number is 1, which represents a strong career fortune and is also an expression of humility.

9, is quite perfect, it is an extremely high number, and it is also a number full of yang. When using it, you should take into account the compatibility of other numbers at the same time. For example, the mantissa is 1991, 9889, 9569, 9359, which are all good luck.

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