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Monkey's overall fortune in 2020

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

Lucky colors are gold and brown.

Taboo colors are yellow and black

Monkeys born in different monkey years

Monkey in 1944

In 2020, the zodiac monkeys have a healthy fortune. It is recommended to continue to maintain the status quo, strengthen exercise normally, and maintain a happy mood to enjoy the joy of happiness. This year, we must distinguish between good and evil people. We must not blindly obey the will of others. We must have our own opinions in all matters. Especially when purchasing health products and investing in large amounts, you must be careful. Elderly and frail people travel with caution. As they get older, they need to be more careful about everything, such as waist, shoulder, joint and other diseases.


Monkey 1956

In the first half of 2020, the fortune is relatively poor. Accidents may come. Pay attention to traffic safety. You cannot participate in intense sports. You can avoid the disaster by washing your teeth and donating blood. Be careful in your career, try to do everything yourself, do not listen to others' instructions, and do not easily provide guarantees for others; when you work with others, pay attention to details, do not ignore loopholes, and be framed by others. Since the middle of the year, the fortune has gradually improved, and the business has gradually entered the formal, and the overall fortune has risen, but large amounts of investment cannot be made. It is necessary to rationally plan money. In terms of health, pay attention to healthy eating, and be careful of diseases such as gastrointestinal and diabetes.


Monkey in 1968

Entering 2020, the zodiac monkey has a good fortune. As long as he can focus on his career wholeheartedly, have perseverance, patience and perseverance when everything is ready, everything is ready, as long as he can grasp the opportunity, he can get good achievements. But to avoid speculative events, don't be obsessed with lottery, gambling, etc., we must do our job well. It is expected that the business will be busy in the second half of the year. When travelling on business, pay attention to traffic safety. Health is poor, it is easy to overwork and illness, and work stress leads to sub-health of body and mind. It is recommended to increase exercise to relieve stress and enhance immunity.


1980 Monkey

The zodiac monkeys in 2020 are not in good fortune, and it is easy to conflict with others in the workplace. These people are stubborn in character, do not like to refer to other people's opinions when doing things, are too self-centered, easy to get rid of the horns, have poor interpersonal relationships, and show love, arrogance, and seriously affect career fortune. In order to avoid unnecessary quarrels, it is recommended that the zodiac monkeys learn to change their tempers this year, listen to the teachings of their elders and leaders, value peace in everything, and act arrogantly. In terms of marriage, singles have more happy events this year, and pay attention to keeping a distance from other opposite sex to avoid falling into a peach blossom dispute. Married children have strong luck, so it is recommended to spend more time with their partners to enhance their emotional fortune.


1992 Monkey

Entering 2020, the zodiac monkey's fortune will rise evenly. Students in the school must be focused, review carefully after class, conduct in-depth understanding and exploration of learning knowledge, and use spare time to read reading outside the classroom, but also enhance their knowledge and connotation. Try to get more certificates of honor, you can also give due consideration to life planning, and listen to the opinions of family and elders in everything. People in the workplace must have independent ideas, set career directions and career goals, and don't have to pay too much attention to others' perseverance, and they will definitely gain something.

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