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Kitchen color feng shui

Many people don't understand the importance of kitchen feng shui. In fact, kitchen decoration feng shui is also a great science, usually people seldom pay attention to the color of kitchen decoration feng shui. The uncoordinated color of the kitchen will not only affect the overall sense of the kitchen, but also affect the health of the family. For the health and fortune of your family, let's take a look at the article below.

1. The taboo color of the ceiling of the kitchen

Bright colors can be used for the ceiling, upper and lower walls, and upper part of the wall panels, while the lower part of the wall panels and the ground use dark colors to make people feel that the indoor center of gravity is stable.

2. Avoid red and black colors in kitchen feng shui

Red and black color decorations are not allowed in the kitchen. In Feng Shui, the kitchen stove is a fire, and red is also a fire. If the kitchen is mainly red, it will easily cause the stove fire to be too strong, and it is easy to cause the phenomenon of fire and soil dryness. This caused family disputes. In the hot summer, the red-dominated kitchen will make people feel angry.

The color of feng shui, black is water, and the water and the stove fire form a conflict between water and fire, which is not good for the health of the family. In the kitchen, light tones are best, beige and ivory are good choices.

3. The color of the kitchen should be decorated according to the orientation

If the kitchen is facing southeast, there is plenty of sunlight, and cool colors can be used to neutralize the temperature; while the kitchen facing north can use warm colors to increase the sense of warmth. Some kitchens with sufficient lighting can be decorated with cool colors, otherwise the strong sunlight in summer will make the kitchen look even hotter.

4. The changing effect of the color of the kitchen

In the perspective of color matching, light and bright colors can make a small kitchen look more spacious; warm colors can make the atmosphere in the kitchen appear more lively and enthusiastic, which can help enhance appetite; low-purity colors can make The kitchen is warm and harmonious. It is necessary to use the combination of colors to create the depth of the space. If the kitchen space is too high, you can use a solemn look to match; for a relatively small kitchen, you can use some bright colors to appear spacious and bright visually.

5. The corresponding colors of the five elements

Blue, black, and gray belong to water among the five elements;

Pink, orange, and red belong to fire among the five elements;

White, gold, and silver belong to the five elements of gold;

Green and green belong to wood among the five elements;

Yellow, brown, and coffee belong to the soil in the five elements.

Feng Shui exquisite in the choice of cabinet color

1. The cabinet can be green, because the green five elements belong to wood, and the five elements in the kitchen belong to fire, which conforms to the principle of wood making fire.

2. The five elements of red cabinets belong to fire, and the five elements of kitchen also belong to fire, which conforms to the principle of fire to help each other.

Kitchen color feng shui taboo

3. The five elements of raw wood color are wood, and the five elements of the kitchen belong to fire, which is in line with the Feng Shui way of wood making fire.

4. Yellow belongs to the soil in the five elements, and the five elements in the kitchen belong to fire. Because of the principle that fire generates soil, the soil is prospered by fire and the fire is drained by the soil. Then the yellow cabinets drain the kitchen that belongs to fire, so choose It is unwise to decorate the kitchen with yellow cabinets or yellow tiles.

5. The five elements of white, metallic, and silvery gray belong to gold. The five elements of the kitchen belong to fire. Fire inhibits gold. It is a cabinet, not a kitchen symbolizing wealth. Therefore, it belongs to the middle class and does not have much influence.

The color matching of kitchen cabinets is exquisite

1. The color matching of white cabinets

White is the most common color in our daily life and is a color that will never go out of fashion. White represents purity and cleanliness. The white cabinets are simple, elegant and hygienic, especially suitable for people who like to enjoy a quiet and clean life. White can be matched with any other tones and create a different effect. It is harmoniously matched with black, giving people a low-key and calm feeling, quiet and soft.

2. The color combination of red cabinets

The hot and bright red color is used in the cabinet to show people's love for life. It is especially suitable for newlyweds. It is full of festive and slippery feeling, expressing a distinct personality and vitality. In addition, the red and white matching cabinets dilute the gorgeousness and monotony of red with soft white, adding a sense of richness to the kitchen and enhancing people's appetite.

3. The color matching of yellow cabinets

The warm yellow cabinets are clean, elegant, and very warm, adding warmth to the kitchen space and emphasizing the harmony of matching. In addition, this color system can also be matched with blue, green and other color systems to achieve different effects.

4. The color matching of log color cabinets

The log color cabinet has the breath of nature, and the color of the log adds a simple and elegant temperament to the kitchen and relieves people's visual fatigue. It is especially suitable for the elderly and highlights the stable personality. This color system matches with light blue and dark green, which can express a warm effect.

5. The color matching of green cabinets

The natural green color is fresh and bright, which deeply embodies the natural scenery. Being in such a kitchen, people can leave all their worries behind and dine in peace. The combination of light green and light blue gives the kitchen a different vitality and vigor.

6. The color matching of blue kitchen cabinets

The cabinets of this color are bright, clear, and pure, especially the light blue cabinets, which are reminiscent of the smell of the ocean, mysterious and tranquil, away from the noise outside, sink your heart and enjoy the delicious food quietly. The cabinet of this color is matched with yellow, which is more conspicuous under the background of light, stable and warm; with orange red, it adds vitality to the kitchen.

7. The color matching of blue kitchen cabinets

The blue + white kitchen cabinets present a sense of refreshing and calm as a whole, and a set of blue and white glasses are also used in the big match to create a cold meal atmosphere on the table, especially suitable for hot summers.

8. The color matching of yellow kitchen cabinets

Yellow + orange: These two colors with high brightness are combined in the cabinet to increase warmth and warmth. For example, a fruit orange rich in vitamin C on the dinner table in winter afternoon has an appetizing effect.

9. The color matching of orange kitchen cabinets

Orange + red: just the opposite of blue and white, this kind of color is warm and suitable for winter, it makes the kitchen warm and harmonious, and the bright colors enhance appetite.

The color of the kitchen is taboo in Feng Shui. I have to understand that the quality of the kitchen affects the health of the family, and the incorrect location and orientation will affect the home delivery, wealth and so on.

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