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It's easy to get sick-it's mostly home Feng Shui problems!

It's easy to get sick-it's mostly home Feng Shui problems!

1. If there is a problem with high blood pressure, stroke, heart disease, or getting angry, it must be a problem in the south of the home. Because the Eight Diagrams of Zhengnan are Li, and the Five Elements are Fire, which represent blood vessels, heart and other parts. Therefore, when someone at home has high blood pressure, stroke, or even heart disease, it must be due to the fact that the south of the home has not been dealt with properly. For example, there are some red electrical appliances or switches in the south of the home, or fish tanks, pools, rivers, rivers, etc., forming a fire. Prosperity or the conflicting image of fire and water caused these problems.


2. If the skin, joints, cervical spine, rheumatism and other problems occur, it is usually a problem in the northeast position. The northeast gossip is called Gen, which is most likely to affect the skin and joints, and needs to be handled carefully. Therefore, if you have the above-mentioned problems, look for the cause in the northeast, and you will not be wrong.


3. If there are gynecological, gastrointestinal, and abdominal problems, it must be due to unreasonable southwestern feng shui in the home. For Southwest , it is Kun, and the five elements belong to the soil, which represents the stomach, gynecology, and abdomen. Therefore, once the above-mentioned problems occur, under the reverse calculation, there must be a problem with the southwest direction, which usually needs to be resolved with water.


4. If there are problems related to bronchitis, cough, tuberculosis, lung disease, mouth, etc., there must be something wrong with the orthodox at home, because the orthodox is the Dui Gua, which governs the lungs and also represents the mouth. If you have the above situation, please check carefully whether the western position has placed something that shouldn't be placed, or whether the toilet has a great impact.


5. If there is a problem with the liver, or the hands and feet are easily injured, or the head is injured, etc. It is generally implied that there is a problem with the position of the home in the east. For example, the door faces the east and the elevator is directly facing the elevator. This will probably affect the liver, limbs, and head. Or it can be said that the balcony is in the east, and there are tall or pointed buildings or mountains, boulders, etc. outside the east. That is to say, there are problems that must be resolved and dealt with. The reason is that the east is an earthquake, and the five elements belong to wood, which dominate the liver and limbs.

6. If there is mental illness, headache, migraine, depression, inflexible hands and feet, etc., needless to say, there must be a problem with the southeast of the home, such as the door facing southeast, or there is a balcony in the southeast, but the balcony is not outside. When the sky is white and the light is blocked, the above problems will appear. At this time, we must deal with this position. For example, it must not be used as a bedroom in this position. Therefore, if you are in the countryside, whenever there is a family with a mental illness, it is usually high mountains, high pressure buildups or high houses in the southeast, which block the entrance of the southeast qi.


7. If there are people who often suffer from insomnia, short temper, and extreme tendencies in the family, the northwest orientation of the family does not conform to Feng Shui. Moreover, these phenomena are often reflected in the elderly or the elderly.


8. If there are kidney stones, uterus, weak kidneys, feet, etc., it is likely that there is a Feng Shui defect in the north of the house. Because the true north, it is Kan Gua, and the five elements belong to water, which represents the kidney. For example, there are too many trees or balconies in this position, which can easily cause problems. It should be noted that the problems of the uterus are not only affected by the true north, but also by the true west. The reason is that the relationship between Dui and Kan is one after another.

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