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Is there anything wrong with coming in through the front door and seeing the refrigerator?

Refrigerator is one of the necessary appliances in the kitchen. It can keep food cold and fresh. However, the kitchen space is small, and some people will place the refrigerator in the living room. The door of the house is usually in the living room, so it is easy to see the refrigerator when entering the door. What is the impact of this?

1. The refrigerator is also a treasury, the so-called "wealth is not exposed". If you open the door and see the refrigerator directly, it is a financial leak, which will affect the family's wealth. In many cases, people borrow money from you, but they will not repay you, and getting along with others is easy to cause misunderstanding and confrontation.

2. If you open the door and see the refrigerator, it means that you have to spend a lot of money on things, relationships, and wealth. It means that many things need to work harder or pay more to succeed, and it means that things can be solved only if they work harder than others.


1. We can place a pot of flowers on the top of the refrigerator, try to use clay pots, let these plants increase vitality, this means that the soil in the five elements has the effect of absorbing Qi, this can absorb wealth, solve bad Feng Shui, and improve family fortune and fortune.

2. You can put a screen in front of the refrigerator or turn the refrigerator 90 degrees. Try not to let the things in the refrigerator be seen after the door enters, and the impact will be reduced a little.

3. It is best to move the refrigerator to another location, try to avoid seeing it directly after opening the door.

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