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In the 2021 Year of the Ox, Feng Shui layout will make the new year prosperous

2/12 will enter Lunar New Year,The year of the OX is coming, take advantage of the new year's home decorations to make the new year's wealth prosperous and peach blossoms. This year's wealth is in the west. In the west of homes, offices or factories, you can place cornucopias, running water, etc. The small things of wealth, and the peach blossom position in charge of affection, is located in the south. Simply decorating with roses and lilies can bring good luck.

Finance is in the west, peach blossom falls south

And how can people increase the Feng Shui layout of their homes? In the year of the ox, the main financial position is in the west, and the partial financial position is in the middle palace, which is the center of the house. It is recommended to place cornucopia, golden toads, flowing water devices and other feng shui items in these two areas to make the fortune rolling in next year. There are children in the family who are still studying, or those who want to study for certificates and public positions. Next year's Wenchang is located in the east. You can place a blessed seal of jade seal and the four treasures of the study on the east side of your home or study. The square shape can gather treasures, and the round shape can make good luck , Are good choices.

Entrance diagonal corner is money location

Place the God of Wealth, Maitreya Buddha, crystal ball, and crystal hole in the "gathering position" at the diagonal L-shaped corner of the entrance to the living room or company hall to increase the ability to keep and gather wealth. This year, the prosperous animal is a dragon, a dragon, or a chicken, and the prosperous wealth is white, gold, silver, yellow, coffee, and brown. You can place more prosperous beasts of these colors.

The southeast should be quiet and not moving

In the southwest, next year’s right and wrong star, also known as the "Chi You Star," is responsible for robbery, fighting, right and wrong. Yang Dengxun suggested placing a yellow or white crystal ball here to resolve disputes between right and wrong. In the northwest, next year’s "star of thief" will be the place where blood, death, and accidents will prevail. Seven-star arrays or round-leaf green plants can be placed in this position to resolve accidents or bloody operations.

The health-related positions are in the southeast and northeast. The five yellow stars in the southeast are also known as "Plague Gods." They dominate illness, accidents, blood light, and official lawsuits. They should be quiet and immobile. Decoration, from disaster to disease, in severe cases, damages the people. If you have to start construction in this position, you must worship the "foundation master." If the bed is in this position, you can place gourds, six emperors' coins, and compasses.

The "Sick Talisman" in the northeast dominates health and illness. If the bed is in this area, metal gourds made of gold, copper, etc. can be used to improve the system, and the gourd must have a bottle cap and a bottle mouth to achieve the "Sha" effect.

Chinese zodiac horse is prosperous, and zodiac tiger is lucky

As for which zodiac signs are the most prosperous next year? Horses are just after the Tai Sui, because of past efforts or ancestors' virtues, noble people will come to help. Those who belong to the dragon are good fortune, and as long as they do things seriously, they can get rewards; and those who belong to the rat are also shining by the sun. Last year, they were just past Tai Sui. Will they come this year? Next year, people belonging to the tiger are prosperous for both positive and partial wealth. In addition, rabbits, chickens, and snakes will have good fortunes. If there is a chance next year, they can enter the market to buy a house. Peach blossom luck is the most popular among people belonging to rats, horses, rabbits and chickens. It is recommended that people who want peach blossom luck can display more peach blossom orientation at home.

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