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Updated: Oct 30, 2021

The center of the family will be the worst in 2022, prone to accidents, misfortunes, illnesses, injuries, deaths, etc. The middle palace is the worst. Therefore, this year's central palace is not auspicious. Where there are sundries in the central palace, which is not convergent and chaotic, the luck of the owner will tend to decline this year, especially for people engaged in the real estate industry, mining, and agriculture. This trend is more obvious. If the seat and bed are in the central palace, you should consider changing the position.

Otherwise, Feng Shui needs to be adjusted and improved.

In a feng shui environment like the center, both work and life are prone to some low-level mistakes, leading to minor troubles, so be careful everywhere. Do not place TVs, mirrors, coat racks, and irregular metal products in the middle. Those who have seats, beds, and stoves in the center are prone to accidents this year and need to be especially careful. It is also not suitable for construction to break the ground, and it is not suitable to place red or yellow objects.

Remedy: In the year of disaster, you should follow the traffic rules when traveling and avoid dangerous sports. You can donate blood once, or do a physical examination of blood, which implies that the blood has been seen before accidental blood has occurred. You might as well place the blessed Five Emperors' Money in the central palace to dissolve their evils, turn them into good fortune, and turn dangers into peace.

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Lina Machado
Lina Machado
Oct 29, 2021

What is done when the center of the house is two bathrooms

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