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In 2021, what color will make your wealth prosperous?

In 2021, what color will make your wealth prosperous?

In 2021, the East will be Wenqu Jupiter, which will help with studies, exams, writing articles and increase fame, so this place is suitable for some green and blue decorations, but you must not use fish tanks, because this position is also in 2021 In the three evil position, using a fish tank will destroy the fortune. You can put green plants and blue and black carpets to promote this area

The southeast of 2021 is the house of the five big evil stars. Try not to put noisy things in this place, such as TVs, alarm clocks, clocks, and fish tanks. Also try not to sit or sleep here for a long time. Try to put white carpets or golden and silver copperware as much as possible to resolve the pain and disasters brought by the five yellow Saturns

In 2021, a white Mercury enters this house in the south. This star is a popular peach blossom star in the Eighth Luck. If you want to get married early and have a strong interpersonal relationship, you can make arrangements in this area. You can put gold in the south and silver bronzes. The blue and black carpets can also be placed in fish tanks to enhance the prosperity of the south

In 2021, Sanbi Jupiter will enter the southwest. This star is mainly related to quarrels. If it is not appropriate, it will be easy to quarrel with people and lawsuits. This position should be resolved with red or purple as much as possible, because wood will make fire. Stars can’t have much effect

In 2021, the West is the most prosperous Eight White Fortune Star. If your living room door and room are all in this position, congratulations first. This position is best to use fish tanks or golden brave to promote prosperity. You can use red and purple carpets. To promote prosperity and make you rich this year

The northwest of 2021 is the Seven Red Shooting Star. If the layout is improper, it is easy to encounter robbery, especially if this area is the door or room of the home, you should pay more attention to the layout here. Blue or black carpets or decorations can be used here. , You can put a glass of water to dissolve his murderous aura

The north in 2021 is the second black star, which is a star that makes you sick. If it is your door and room, it is also easy to get sick and bad luck. You can put golden bronzes and white carpets in this position to resolve

The northeast of 2021 will be the Jiu Zi Fei Xing. If you want to get married or make friends with boy and girl friends, you can make more layouts here. You can put red and purple carpets or flowers to increase your luck. You can also set up a bed and desk here. Long-term sitting and lying increase good luck

Good luck in 2021👍

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