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In 2021, Thirteen feng shui patterns will cause family members to get sick

What kind of feng shui patterns will cause family members to get sick:

1. The back door of the kitchen leads to the balcony

The back door of the kitchen leading to the balcony is a relatively bad feng shui pattern. The two doors in the kitchen are themselves draughts, which will directly affect the aura and magnetic field of the occupants. You should get rid of it as soon as possible, or you will get to the male at home.

2. Kitchen with toilet

We all know that the toilet is a relatively dark place to gather in the shadows. If another toilet is built in the kitchen, it is actually a shame. No matter how good the fortune of the occupants is, they will be so shameless that they will lose all their savings.

3. Bedside by the window

It is an extremely bad feng shui pattern for the headboard of the bed to be placed under the window. The window is a place where the air flows. Therefore, if the headboard of the bed is under the window, it is easy to attack. If the occupant is in this environment, it is easy to not see the front window. Cause mental stress and affect health.

4.Do not install mirrors in your home, so as not to damage the indoor magnetic field; sometimes in order to show the extension effect, bright mirrors are used as decoration, but it is best not to install large mirrors in the bedroom, which will make the magnetic field disorder due to reflection.

Feng Shui solution: If you must install a mirror, it is also advisable to use one wall. Do not install both sides to cause reflection. Or use upholstery cloth to make a curtain to cover it up.

5.The plants at home should also be selected carefully. Don't plant plants with slender leaves, so that the owner can easily provoke disputes. It is best not to plant ferns and kudzu vines. These types of plants are relatively shady, and if they grow luxuriantly, they can easily attract "dirty" things in the home.

Feng shui solution: choose flowers with broad leaves or strong vitality.

6.The location of the toilet is very important in household Feng Shui. If the plane of the house is divided into nine equal parts, the one located in the middle is the "central palace" of the home, and the location of the toilet in the house cannot be on the "central palace".

Feng Shui solution: If you have placed the toilet in the middle palace, try to reverse the washbasin and the toilet, or store water in the bathtub for a long time to improve.

7. In addition to the interior of the building, the decoration of the exterior of the building is also important. Someone made some large objects such as human heads on the surface of the house, which looked like a tumor from the outside. This kind of exterior decoration with bad imagery should also be avoided in the home feng shui.

Feng Shui solution: Choose a flat and square building appearance. If there is no special requirement, do not change the appearance of the house arbitrarily.

8.If the balcony is facing the door or the kitchen, the curtain can be drawn for a long time as a barrier. Do not place the entrance door directly facing the balcony. This forms the so-called "passing the heart". It will be difficult to gather wealth at home, and there will be financial losses.

Feng Shui solution: place a porch cabinet to block the gate and balcony, and place a fish tank at the entrance of the gate (the fish tank can not be placed in the water avoidance, and it can be replaced by a screen). Balcony windows can be installed to block the balcony or plant potted plants and climbing plants. It is also feasible to draw the curtains for a long time.

9. The balcony must not face the kitchen. This is also a kind of "penetrating the heart", which will weaken the reunion function of the family, the husband is prone to affair, and the children do not like to go home.

10. If the couch is placed under the beams, the ceiling decoration can block its impact; couches and beds cannot be placed under the beams. People who use couches and beds for a long time will be prone to illness.

Feng Shui solution: Avoid placing couches and beds under the beams or wrap the beams with decoration techniques so that they are not exposed.

11.Those who hit water avoidance should not put feng shui fish tanks in their homes. It is not as recognized by the outside world that they can gather wealth by just putting the fish tanks. Residents must be clear about the five elements' preferences and taboos. Those who have special taboos should be avoided at home.

Feng Shui solution: Check the five elements of the occupants in the perpetual calendar, and those in the household should avoid placing items with this attribute.

12.The eaves of the canopy should be curved to avoid the arrow shape; the eaves of the balcony canopy should not be arrow-shaped, which is not good for the people who often enter and exit the balcony.

Feng Shui solution: Don't make vertical eaves. If you must do vertical eaves, try to make arcs instead of sharp ones.

13.The location of the stove must not face the back balcony door or the kitchen door. This is detrimental to the health of those who often dine at home.

Feng Shui solution: You can install a curtain on the door as a barrier.

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