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How to use Feng Shui to resolve the backstabbers problem ?

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

What is the backstabbers? They are people who block or destroy our things and make us frustrated or fail. In real life, we all encounter all kinds of backstabbers , which really brings a lot of trouble to our lives. Invisibly caused us pressure, but also played a certain destructive effect. Many people have suffered from this aspect. In severe cases, it’s common for people to lose their jobs, their families are broken up, their reputations are ruined, and their lives are destroyed. Actually, we have a lot of improper layouts in Feng Shui that lead to backstabbers . The following are a few improper Feng Shui that cause that.

In terms of feng shui, for our house,on our right is too high, too long, or too prosperous when you look out from the front door,or it often move around, which will create a pattern of backstabbers.For example, the garage is on the right. The height is higher than the left side, the length of the garage is longer than the left side, the trees on the right hand side are higher than the left side, and there are more trees on the right hand side than the left side. These are all patterns that cause backstabbers . Therefore, we must know the environment of the house or our seats. The principle of high left and low right can prevent villains. This is often seen in Feng Shui.

For office furnishings, a lot of sundries are often placed on the right hand side of the desk, and a lot of things that should not be placed. The mobile phone is placed on the right hand side, and the things on the right hand side are very high. It is a wrong decoration. The left side of our position should be high, the right side should be low, and the left side should be moved and the right side should be quiet. Therefore, the phone at home and your own mobile phone should not be placed on the right hand side, because the calls on the right hand side are unimportant calls or sales calls can only be received ,on the left hand side to receive customer calls and it is good news. You can try.

Many people put a lot of dolls, photos of people, and people’s shapes at home. Of course, it’s okay to put photos of family members, but if there are too many photos of family or friends and they are placed in our seats We must pay attention to this may also cause the pattern of backstabbers.These photos are best placed in front of our line of sight, or on the wall of the aisle, or on the left side of our line of sight. This will not only increase The help to us will not create a pattern of backstabbers.There are too many dolls in the house. Because the dolls have two eyes, this eye will cause the pattern of criminals. Be careful to cause too many Quarrels with people and unnecessary problems will arise.

Many sofas in home are not leaning against the wall at the back. If the back is not leaning against the wall, there will be no backing. People can walk around or see your back from outside the window, or the sofa is against the wall behind. The direction of the gate is opposite, that is, you have to look back to see the gate. The positions of these decorations are all wrong, and these will cause a pattern of villain. If there is no wall behind your seat, people can walk around, and everyone can peek at what you are doing from behind. This is also a kind of feng shui that will be tricked by others. The simplest solution is to put a brown jacket and A Five empire coins can avoid committing backstabbers.

It can also cause backstabbers in the kitchen. For example, if there are windows or aisles or doors behind the stove, it will cause villains. It is best to place the gas stove in a position where there are no windows on the left or right. Try to avoid these positions as much as possible, so as not to create a pattern of backstabbers..

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