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How to use feng shui to find a job ,what kind of feng shui pattern will easily make you unemployed

People often think about what to do next when they are facing unemployment! In fact, try to discover the unemployment feng shui hidden around you, and make appropriate adjustments is the real solution.

1. Oppose your boss

.In fact, whether two people can get along can be seen from Feng Shui. If you are sitting facing the door of the boss’s office, there is a 90% chance that you are the person he targets most. It happens that you are the kind of fearless power. The character, the contradiction must be deepening day by day, becoming your biggest hidden danger of unemployment.

2. Distracted and make mistakes repeatedly

The door is the breath of the office, and it is also the place to receive the breath, so people must not sit behind the door. If a person sits with their back at the door, and has no support behind the seat, the stray air impact of people coming and going behind the back, for a long time, the office staff sitting here will often be in a state of subconscious tension. Sometimes it seems that someone is peeping, leading to confusion of thoughts, mistakes in decision-making, inability to do everything well, always feeling irritable, and even poor kidney function, back pain, encounters with villains, troubles, etc. at work.

3. There are too many villains and obstacles everywhere

Too many phones and magazines are placed on the right hand side of the desk, which is easy to attract some nonsense people, and it is also easy to increase the arrogance of the "little people" because of the magnetic field of telephone signals. Many people like to put "anti-radiation" cactus on their desks. In fact, it is the most unacceptable because its thorns are easy to cause psychological barriers that cause bad heart. It is actually harmful and even more unfavorable.

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