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How to use Feng Shui Elephant to improve prosperity?

Pay attention to the placement of feng shui elephants, try to avoid placing elephants with upturned noses, which means to spread wealth, otherwise the original intention to gather wealth will be counterproductive.

When placing an elephant as a feng shui item, it is best to make the elephant's trunk face the direction of the door or the window, so as to absorb the wealth outside the house more effectively, but be careful not to face the evil spirit outside. Buy an elephant with a down-trunk, because it can absorb water only when its trunk is down, which means making money. On the contrary, if the elephant's trunk is raised to spray water, it means that it means losing money.


In terms of the layout of Kanyu Fengshui, elephants with different shapes have different functions. From the perspective of function, they can be roughly divided into three categories: water-absorbing and wealth-raising elephants, top-beam elephants, and four-square elephants for promotion and wealth.

(1), absorbing water and attracting wealth

Since elephants are good at absorbing water, and water is regarded as a representative of wealth in the academic world, placing a bronze elephant at home means that both big and small wealth are for oneself. Its shape is that the nose is bent downwards, making the potential to absorb water. If a pair of absorbent elephants are placed where water is seen, or at the door of the company, the effect is better. In addition, if the door of the home or company is guilty of retreating wealth (the steep slope going down in front of the door, the stairs going down in front of the door, and the reverse bow road, etc.), it is best to use the water absorption image to resolve it.

(2), the top beam elephant

The characteristic of the top beam elephant is that the nose is bent and rolled up, making it move or push up. If there are beams pressing down on the bed, kitchen stove, office table, etc. at home or in the office, it is easy to see injuries or troubles at work. At this time, it is most suitable to place a pair of wooden top beams at the bottom ends of the beams, which can make the evil spirits of the beams invisible.

(3) The quadrangle of promotion and fortune

If you want to work smoothly, get in and out, and enhance your fortune, you can place a pair of four directions representing wealth and career luck on the financial position of your home (the financial position for the fleeting year in 2022 will be in the northeast) or on both sides of the gate. Elephant (the material is preferably resin or stone). The morphological characteristics of the fortune icon are that the ingot representing money is rolled on the nose, and the career icon is the Ruyi, which represents official luck, rolled on the nose.

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