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How to solve bad Feng shui after you moved?

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

There was a client who temporarily rented a house near the school to make it easier for children to go to school.  But since move in ,he feel quite uncomfortable: the whole family is ill one after another, and the husband accidentally broke his leg; the child originally learned well, but after moving into the house, his sleep has not been good, his energy has deteriorated, and he can not concentrate anymore , His academic performance also gradually receded; he always felt a sense of insecurity in her heart, but he could not tell what it was ...

 This client has been reading my Website articles , and corresponding to the descriptions in some articles, if he suspects there is something wrong with the feng shui of the house, he consulted me.  I listened to his description and learned that the house was built in the 1990s and has been rented out.  Then I asked some comparisons of the situation before and after she moved into the house. It can basically be concluded that the house is in a state of decline. Many problems in the house should have a lot to do with Feng Shui.  She asked me how to adjust and resolve.

 This is awkward for me. One of them I can’t arrange meteors without going to the site to survey with a compass, and to look at the outdoor terrain and landforms, and the sandy water in the mountains.  An error-free solution; the second is that she lived in a relatively remote place, and I was particularly busy at that stage, and I could hardly find time to go to her to see Feng Shui on the spot; her three children were facing further studies, and this house was rented.  It will be more than half a year to live, so it is not worth the effort to see Feng Shui.

 She asked me if there was any other solution. I sat in the office for a long time, and when I saw a thing, I had an idea in my heart.  It turned out that a method has been circulating in the feng shui world. For some signs of decline, you can use the method of placing the "compass of evil spirits" in the middle palace to resolve it.  However, in the past, the houses I saw in the field were all adjusted in an all-round way. This method is rarely used, but on my Bogu rack, there is always a sample of the evil compass.  So I told her, I might as well try this method, the effect may not be significant, but it may also have a great effect.

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