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What cause marriage troubles Fate or Feng Shui?how to resolve?

In love and marriage, in addition to the fate and marital luck, the Feng Shui aura also plays a considerable role. Sometimes the good and bad effects of the Feng Shui aura can even exceed the fate of the marriage. This is the internal reason why marriage is still not going smoothly even though the marriage is good sometimes. Because the Bazi Destiny is the temporal and air field accepted at birth, which is formed congenitally, while Feng Shui is the temporal and air field of life after birth, which is dependent on acquired. The two are inseparable from each other, relying on each other. Although the congenital destiny is good, but the acquired feng shui is not lucky, it is still rough and unsatisfactory; the congenital destiny is not good, but the acquired feng shui is more auspicious, it can turn sad into joy.

In my usual process of watching Feng Shui for others, I found that in addition to Bazi, some residential Feng Shui can also affect marriage. For men, if there is a big missing corner in the east, northeast and north of the house, and at the same time, there are unclean objects placed in the house, then marriage will not be possible. For women, if there are water-related things such as wells, water towers, ponds, baths, or water plants in the northwest, southwest of the house, even though she is beautiful and beautiful, she will inevitably become a "leftover woman." There is also a kind of residential feng shui with pillars in the room, whether male or female lives, it is not good for their love and marriage. Another is that the bedroom door is facing the front door, and there is a flower arrangement at the head of the bed or the wall is pink. This is easy for married people to have different dreams and commit extramarital affairs. Over time, the two sides will part ways and the family will be broken. Therefore, paying more attention to the residential feng shui and adjusting the layout in time can also change the state of marriage troubles.

I have encountered a few exceptions. The feedback said that the relationship between husband and wife has been very good and has never been noisy. It turned out that the husband and wife were separated from each other. The husband was earning money outside due to work. The wife looked at the children at home and went home once a month on average. I usually talk about my thoughts at intervals. Therefore, it can be deduced from this that for couples whose marriage is unsatisfactory, the closer they are, the greater the resistance. If the two parties can properly separate for a period of time during the unsatisfactory fleeting years, they will be able to survive the unfavorable marriage crisis. As always.

Through Feng Shui conditioning

Pay attention to adjusting the home feng shui, so that the couple's home environment will help the couple's emotional integration, and crack the feng shui phenomenon formed in the home. However, experts who are both familiar with numerology and feng shui must be invited to make feng shui corrections. People who only know numerology but not feng shui, or who only know feng shui but not numerology, are definitely not qualified for this task.

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