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How to resolve car accident by Feng shui

There are some ways to prevent car accidents in Feng Shui. Refer to the following solutions: * Donate blood Donate blood and do good deeds. At the same time, you can crack the bloodshed and kill two birds with one stone. * Go Temple Pray You can go to worship at the Land Temple near the house. The Land God is the god of local jurisdiction, and can bless things like safety and security. Another method of transportation is to take hibiscus, wormwood, coarse salt, seven grains of rice and clean charms into the water, and use it to bathe and bathe, which can relieve the effects of distress. From a long-term point of view, you can find whether there is Feng Shui in your home that is easy to have a car pass, or if your name has a word that uses a car pass, you can consider modifying it. To prevent car clearance, start with more care and attention in life, avoid mental discomfort when walking on roads or vehicles, pay attention to traffic safety rules, and always stay safe! Vehicles can also be equipped with driving recorders to increase protection for yourself!

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