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How to increase your wealth without spending a dime in 2021?

In 2021, the #8 white star will arrive in the west of the house, so we must make good use of this position this year to double our wealth. The eight white star is a prosperous wealth star during the Eighth Luck. If you want to get rich this year, you must Decorate this place well. It will definitely make you rich and wealthy, and your family wealth can be prosperous, whether it is positive or partial wealth, you can increase prosperity to a certain extent. Therefore, whether it is an office or a personal home, a proper layout will definitely benefit the development of business and financial luck.

First of all, how to double your wealth without spending a penny? You can light a bright yellow light in the west. The yellow light can enhance the energy of the wealth star and definitely help strengthen the fortune. It is best to open the door or Open the window, and there must be no toilet in this position. The place must be kept clean, and trash cans or piles of debris must not be placed. You can often work here, read books, make decisions, and even use it as a bedroom or Living Room can make you good luck and fortune💰

If you have sufficient funds, you can put copper Pi Xiu facing the window in this place, the cornucopia is in the financial position, and the incense lamp is used to stimulate the aura to do the layout of fortune, which will help improve the fortune of 2021.

The five elements of the eight white wealth stars are soil. It is recommended to place some yellow objects with soil properties in the western part of the room. It is best to use mascots that symbolize wealth and prosperity, such as the statue of the god of wealth, citrine, and kylin. When you come to promote wealth and luck, the best material is clay.

Fire in the five elements will produce soil, you can use the five elements of fire items, such as red crystals, red Chinese knots, red lanterns, red carpets and five-color crystals, which can attract wealth and avoid evil!

Western wealthy people must not put water and wood items, such as fish tanks, potted plants, etc. Wood gas and water gas will restrain the fortune of the Eight White Stars and make you rich!

In 2021, the West is the best location for wealth fortune. It is very suitable to negotiate business contracts here or in the West, and it is easy to negotiate a business smoothly! The West is also very suitable for setting up meeting rooms or boss's offices, which can have very good wealth.

In the west of the home, we must do a good job of cleaning. The light must be bright to increase the yang energy to increase the wealth of the atmosphere. The family’s fortune will be better. The ideal family must be clean and tidy, so that wealth will come faster. Disordered and dirty, it is easy to breed a bad breath, especially trash cans or debris must not be piled up in the west, which is easy to lose money.

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