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How to improve women's fortune in 2021?

The kitchen in Feng Shui is absolutely closely related to the fortune of women. If the layout of the kitchen is not good, it will not only affect interpersonal relations, but also affect health and wealth. So let’s take a look at how your kitchen should be laid out in 2021 to make you happy. all the best.

The orientation of the kitchen in each family is different. Now we analyze the kitchen in different orientations so that you can completely solve your problems when you are laying out.

First of all, if the kitchen is in the East, the East is the third place this year and the Wenchang position this year, so this year you must pay special attention to the construction or the sound of beating. Keep it as quiet as possible here, so you may want to reduce the use. For the number of times in the kitchen, the East is also Wenchang bamboo, which can be planted with water, and let aquatic wood and wood create fire to enhance their work performance and wealth.

If the kitchen is in the southeast, this year’s southeast is the place where the Wuhuang Dasha has reached the five yellows. The five yellows belong to the soil, which has a great relationship with illness, disasters and wealth. Therefore, the southern kitchen should be kept as clean as possible this year. "If the aura here provokes too much, it’s easy. Let the five evil spirits mobilize to harm your health and wealth. Therefore, the southern kitchen should be used as little as possible in 2021 because fire will generate soil, which will enhance the evil spirits. Energy to hurt yourself.

If the kitchen is in the south, there will be a white Mercury star in the south this year, which is related to popular love. This year, when you use the kitchen, you can get the help of prosperous and your love career will improve. In 2021, a white wolf star will fly to the south. Let the feelings between husband and wife become more harmonious and smooth. Single friends, if you want to get out of the singles as soon as possible and enjoy the sweet love life early, then you can place pink crystals in the south of your home. Of course, you can also put fresh roses, remember not to put fake flowers. If a married friend wants to prevent a third party from intervening, then you can place amethyst pendants in the south, which can also have a very good effect.

If the kitchen in 2021 is in the southwest and Sanbi Lu Cunxing flies to the southwest, it is related to the quarrel. This year, the southwest of the home should not be moved or decorated. Avoid green, blue or green plants. The position of the kitchen in 2021 will add a lot of right and wrong to women. If it is serious, there will be lawsuits. Pay attention to quarrels between family members and try to avoid them. Because of the influence of this position, it may aggravate the occurrence of such things. Don't affect the feelings between family members because of small things.

If the kitchen is in the West in 2021, the West will be the Babai Fortune Star this year, the largest fortune in the Eight Luck. The Eight White Left Auxiliary Star and the five elements belong to the soil. In the Eight Luck Fengshui, it will be the Dangwang Fortune. Also Lord Jiqing. In 2021, the planets will be born in the house, the fire will be born in the earth, the homeland will be born in gold, and it will be more beneficial to the wealth of the family. Therefore, if you can properly arrange the West in 2021, you can get rich and wealth, happy events, and prosperity. So the kitchen will be able to get a lot in this position this year. The energy can increase your health, career and wealth. This year, you may wish to use the kitchen to increase your fortune.

If the 2021 kitchen is located in the northwest of the home, the kitchen on the northwest is mainly harmful to the health of the male owner. ; It is also easy to cause diseases of the head, lungs, respiratory tract, bones and other related family members. The Seven Red Stars of 2021 fly to the northwest, men and women are easy to lose money. Seven Red Stars represent events such as ruin, loss, tongue, wine, scandal, etc. The kitchen knives and scissors at home should be collected at any time. Do not put them outside. Avoid Causes blood and light disasters, prone to health problems. But it is especially helpful for women who are engaged in art, entertainment, and side-sector industries, so you can take good care of it.

In 2021, if the kitchen is in the north, there will be two black sickness stars entering this year. If you often cook here, because the kitchen gas stove is a fire, the fire will give birth to two black soil, women are prone to get sick, and people in the family are also prone to get sick, except as little as possible Garbage should not be piled up outside of use. The debris should be cleaned up. Try to put some white objects and copper objects to resolve

If the kitchen is in the northeast in 2021, and the Jiu Zi Festive Star will fly to the northeast this year, the hostess will be prone to happy events and fires. This year, you can make more use of the kitchen to increase your celebration, promote promotion, marriage, and children.

The northeast and the north are kept tidy and clean, the aura is circulated, and the light is sufficient, which is good for fortune, especially for the hostess at home.

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