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How to improve the shop business

Now the economy is relatively sluggish, and business is indeed difficult to do, but there are many reasons that lead to poor business in stores. If there are not too many problems in business, it may be in Feng Shui. Here are some ways to improve feng shui in stores for your reference.

First of all, we must consider what the main color is when the interior of the shop is being renovated. Relatively speaking, red is more exciting and easy to increase the desire to buy. If considered from the perspective of feng shui science, the five elements of the goods sold in the store and the owner's own five-character favored five elements need to be matched with the main color of the store. If there is a conflict, it means more money is lost. So the first recommendation is to change the color of the store.

Second, consider whether the shop's front door is appropriate. Whether it's a home, a company, or a general merchandise store, the door is the throat that swallows money. The entrance door is designed to attract customers to shop, so the door should be large not small. The door too small means refusing to take in money. From a practical point of view, the

door is too small, which is not conducive to the smooth entry and exit of customers. Especially if customers hold personal items and goods in their hands, they are prone to quarrels due to collisions, which is even more embarrassing for the store. So the second suggestion is to widen the door of the store.

Also, observe if the store promotion counter is too close to the door. In some shopping malls, special counters are placed at the entrance of the gate or at the elevator entrance for promotional activities. However, the actual effect may be the opposite. Many customers see the counter rushed forward instead of walking around easily. At this time, the merchandise can no longer be sold. Therefore, our third suggestion is to move the counter that is too close to the door or the elevator door by half a meter or one meter.

Escalators are installed in today's shopping malls. It's just that some escalators are located at the entrance of the gate. Just as there is a screen between the door of the house and the door, if the elevator of the shop is facing the door, it will be a rush. The gate is a place to absorb wealth, and the wealth easily flows out of the elevator, so the store is very embarrassed that despite the large number of customers, the amount of consumption cannot be up. Therefore, the fourth suggestion is to move the gate position, or to set up billboards and shelves near the elevator entrance, so as to cover at least 2/3 of the elevator.

Finally, some of the storefronts are located lower then the street.Because the storefront doors are often open, dust on the network is very easy and enters the store with the airflow passing by the car. From the perspective of feng shui, some filthy and obscure chi entered the store directly, making the owner's fortune worse. So the fifth suggestion is not to choose shops below the road.

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