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How to improve the chance of lottery in 2021?

In numerology, there are two big wealth stars in the fate of human beings, one is partial wealth (the wealth obtained Unexpected) and the positive wealth (the source of wealth from work), based on the fact that each person’s life style is more or less flawed , So there are very few real riches in life, and partial wealth generally refers to foreign wealth, wealth that can be obtained without labor, so people usually focus on partial wealth. So in 2021, how can we condense wealth and energy and boost personal wealth fortune?

What is partial wealth?

Partial wealth generally is wealth that can be obtained without much effort. Compared with normal wealth, partial wealth brings more profit. Those who can often increase their wealth quickly, even overnight get rich.However, partial wealth comes and goes quickly. It is uncertain and speculative, so it is difficult to grasp for a long time. The emergence of partial wealth usually requires a certain amount of fortune. Commercial activities such as gambling, winning, stocks, and investment are also partial wealth. There is an opportunity to make a fortune in the head. In addition, red envelopes, gifts, bonuses, etc. obtained from others are also partial wealth, which will not last for long. If you want to be prosperous and wealthy can promote prosperity by arranging suitable Feng Shui layouts, which can also help improve wealth and obtain a lot of wealth gains.

Find out 2021 partial financial position

Among the nine stars, one white greedy wolf star, six white Wuquxing stars, and eight white left auxiliary stars are collectively called the three wealth stars. During the eighth luck, the eight white stars are the big fortune stars, and the main cause is wealth; while the one white greedy wolf stars and the six white stars Wu Quxing represents the partial wealth of the career, so if you want to promote the partial wealth in 2021, you can make good use of these two auspicious stars.

1) A white wolf star is the lucky star of prosperous fortune during the eighth lunar month. It is in charge of business official fortune and partial fortune. If arranged properly, it can prosper family fortune, fame and wealth, and also bring good popularity, prosperous fortune. In 2021, when flying to the south, the five elements of this star belong to water. This year, the stars will be counteracted. If you want to promote the fortune of this star, you must pay more attention to the arrangement.

2) Liubai Wuquxing is the lord of the wealth and silk palace, representing wealth and power. It is in charge of this year's wealth and luck. During the eighth luck, good and bad luck will be mixed. This star has a resolute temperament and decisiveness in dealing with things. It can make people emphasize rationality and have an incentive effect, which is conducive to career development. Therefore, it can help improve personal career wealth and achieve success. The six white stars are conducive to career changes, promotion and salary increases. The development of travel, relocation, etc. In 2021, Liubai Wuquxing will fly to the center of the home. This location is generally located in the living room of the home. Therefore, if you want to have a smooth career, the layout of the living room should not be too random.

Feng Shui method of stimulating prosperity and partial wealth in 2021

1. Pay attention to the financial position of the home

Regardless of whether it is positive or partial wealth, it is appropriate to make prosperity when decorating. In 2021, both the middle palace and the south position of the home are where the wealth is located. Therefore, you should pay attention to frequent cleaning in daily life. It should not be filled with clutter and chaos. There are also some electronic products with loud noises. It is best not to be near the wealth. Position so as not to interfere with the aura of wealth. For friends with poor financial luck, you can also refurbish the stoves, doors, doors and windows, bedrooms and other spaces in your home to make your home look new and bring new luck.

2. Pay attention to avoid Xingsha in financial position arrangement

If there are unreasonable natural landscapes or artificial buildings around the home, such as the road rushing at the door, the anti-bow water, the gate is facing the church, prison, grave, garbage dump, slaughterhouse, crematorium, hospital and other places; the interior design of the home is not reasonable.

There are straight corridors, sharp corners of the pillars, and beams on the top. The financial position is opposite to the door, stove and bathroom. These are all bad layouts, which can damage the health of the family and damage the home. Fortune, leading to the decline of family wealth, so the arrangement of the financial position must be avoided.

3. Place Feng Shui Lucky Decorations

In 2021, you can also place some lucky mascots in this year's financial position or your life's financial position, which is also good for improving personal wealth fortune. The mascots that are generally suitable for prosperous wealth include: Fengshui wheel, gourd, golden toad, cornucopia, gold ingot, brave, cabbage ornaments, jade ruyi, etc. You can also place your own triad and Liuhe zodiac ornaments, such as In 2021, the oxen can display zodiac decorations related to rats, snakes and chickens, and they can also play the role of prosperous people and prosperous careers.

4. Place crystals for fortune

In 2021, crystals can also be used to boost partial wealth. Natural crystal can help calm the mind and calm the mind, eliminate negative emotions, improve health, let individuals have a better mental outlook, open wisdom, enhance confidence, enhance personal temperament and aura, bring good luck to the nobles, and have a wealth and a prosperous career.

In 2021, it is suitable to put white crystal, golden crystal, red crystal, red agate, citrine, topaz and other materials in the south of the home. If you are personal, you can also wear citrine, green hair crystal and other materials with you. Both of them are wealth crystals, which are very suitable for business people or those who like to seek wealth through investment.

5. Wearing Pi Xou bracelet for money

In 2021, friends who want to promote wealth can also wear a brave jewelry with them. Paixiu can attract wealth and can be used as an ornament to protect the house from evil, attract wealth and keep wealth, and prosper the family home. If worn with you, it can help enhance your own wealth fortune, attract positive and partial wealth, and protect the master, and also play a role in blocking villains and prosperous people. It is very suitable for business transactions, or friends who like to invest, stocks, etc. Wearing it, you can seize wealth opportunities more smoothly in the process of seeking wealth; friends who usually like to play cards and mahjong can also wear brave to prosper their luck and wealth, prevent villains from fraud and damage, and stabilize their wealth.

6. ​​Placing fish tanks to attract wealth

If there are lakes, creeks, ponds or fountains in the southeast or northeast of the home or office, it can also bring wealth, which is conducive to investment or sideline business; it can also be in the home or office in 2021. Putting a fish tank on the upper area can also play a role in activating the Feng Shui of wealth and attracting the air to attract wealth.

7. Use plants to invigorate wealth and Feng Shui

In the financial position, some evergreen lush plants can be placed to activate the financial position, such as kumquat, lucky tree, wealthy bamboo, golden kumquat, money tree, yellow rose, tulip, etc.; the partial wealth in 2021 is In the south, the five elements are against each other in this direction. It is not suitable to place electronic items such as stoves, electric lights, televisions, stereos, etc., otherwise it will easily cause wealth and energy to grow, and it is best not to place color red items, which will stimulate the family's desire to consume makes it difficult to retain wealth. In addition, the south is also where the peach blossoms are located. You can properly place some vases and grow some peach blossoms, lilies, roses and other flowers in the water, but the number should not be too large, otherwise there will be an affair, which will lead to the disaster of wealth.

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