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How to get rid of the person who harmed you in 2021?

In 2021, the Chinese zodiac that is easy to offend the villain is the bull, the dog, the snake, and the sheep. It is important to arrange it early to avoid harm, because the most feared in life is the villain, and the result is full of troubles. How to prevent villains from intruding?

In Feng Shui, the position can be divided into five positions: the front Suzaku position, the back basalt position, the left blue dragon position, the right white tiger position, and the Gouchen position in the middle. Among them, the green dragon on the left represents the noble person, and the white tiger on the right represents the little person. Combining one's own horoscopes and numerology, in office or home life, a lot of weakening the aura of the right white tiger, while constantly strengthening the aura of the left blue dragon, can achieve the effect of adjusting and dissolving the villain.

In 2021, Sanbi Lu will fly to the southwest of Kan Palace, so the villain will be in the southwest in 2021. In 2021, Sanbi will be in a state of failure. Good or bad will be uncertain. When arranging the southwest, pay attention to good fortune and avoid evil.

Sanbilu Cunxing is also known as Chiyouxing and right-and-feeling star. It can play the role of eloquence during the peak season, benefiting sales, speeches, lawyers, judges and other industries. During its downturn, there will be lawsuits, disputes, and petty disasters. Wealth and so on.

How to resolve the villain in the Year of the Ox in 2021?

As far as Feng Shui is concerned, if the gate is opened in the southwest, it will be a dispute star in 2021. The solution is very simple. You can place the "Five Emperors Money" at this gate. These feng shui products and furnishings can effectively resolve feng shui disputes in 2021.

If the room is in the southwest, you can put feng shui supplies on the four corners of the bedroom or the four corners of the bed to resolve it. If you only want to put a set of solutions, you can put a set of five emperors money in the middle of the bed and under the mattress.

If the stove is in the southwest, the family will naturally argue and quarrel, and the family will have no peace

First: Try not to cook and eat at home, so that the stove will not be disturbed.

Second: Near the stove, such as above the range hood and behind the stove, place feng shui supplies and furnishings—the five emperors money, which can also be resolved.

The company desk is in the southwest. Try not to place a phone or debris on the right hand side of the desk. You can place a pot of cactus on the right side of the desk, but it should be noted that once the villain is released, it must be cleaned up in time. Otherwise it will harm others and disadvantage yourself;

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