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How to get promotion in 2021?

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

They location of Feng Shui will be different in different years, so it is necessary to understand the good and bad of each location in 2021 before proceeding with the office Feng Shui layout, and use this to determine the general direction of the Feng Shui layout.

For office workers, if you want to make your official career prosperous, develop in your work, and get the appreciation and recognition of your boss, then you must adjust the Feng Shui pattern of your office, especially the Feng Shui of Wenchang Star. In 2021, you can place your desk in the east. If it is easier to provoke villains, you can also place a pair of lions on the desk as the mascot of Wang's academic career, which means that your career will be smooth in 2021. , Ascend step by step, and at the same time, the right hand side of the desk must be close to the wall, so that you can make your current position more stable and prevent yourself from being pushed out by the villain.

For those who are students, they can adjust the Feng Shui pattern of Wenchang in the study at home to promote their studies, put their desks in the east, and put wealthy bamboos on the desks as the mascots of Wang's studies. For academic progress in 2021, it is important to keep the study room clean and hygienic, do not leave debris, to prevent the evil spirits from causing your academic problems.

In 2021, Wenchang Star is located in the East, so the East of the office is the Wenchang position. It is best for the office to face the Wenchang position, or let the office chair position in the Wenchang position, which will have a great impact on your own business development and life have great help, it can also help you to get a promotion and raise salary in 2021.

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