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How to creating good feng shui in a home office?

Due to the impact of the epidemic, working at home has become the norm, and working at home has the two major advantages of freely grasping the work progress and freely controlling the office environment. It can design the office according to your own preferences, enhance work efficiency, and improve work efficiency. You can enjoy the fun of living at home, get rid of the pressure of traffic congestion, and take care of both business and family. However, there are many requirements in Feng Shui, so as not to destroy the Feng Shui of the home.

1. How to choose the ideal location for home office?

  The ideal location for the home office is to be placed in the east, southeast, south and northwest of the center of the house. At the same time, it should be noted that it is best to separate the office area from the undercover area. Don't let your work affect your sleep and don't let yourself become a workaholic. According to the type of business you are engaged in and the stage of development of your career, you must be good at using each special direction to benefit your career. It is advisable to work in the eastern or southern part of the house in the early stage of business establishment. This position can make people busier, more active, more noticeable, and make good ideas a reality, and contribute to the harmony and growth of the cause. During the career development period, it is advisable to work in the southern part of the house. This position can help office workers to attract customers' attention to their business operations, and make the business popular. Especially for real estate and public relations work. It is advisable to work in the northwest part of the house during the successful period of the career. This position is good for leading, organizing and coordinating others, consolidating careers and maintaining respect.

2. How to design the door of home office?

The entrance design of the home office will affect the layout of the entire office and must be carefully considered. The entrance of the office is like a checkpoint. The position, decoration, and design of the entrance will affect the magnetic field of the entire office, which in turn affects the fortune of wealth. The door is facing the direction of receiving the vitality. Remember not to face the door directly. It is easy to make mistakes inadvertently. Unless you need it, you can set up a revolving porch as a buffer zone for entering the door. The entrance hall is designed as a low flower stand screen on which potted plants can be placed. In this way, the foyer is both beautiful and can bring good wind, and encourage the invigorating atmosphere. However, take good care of your plants and don't let them wilt!

3. How to embellish and decorate the home office?

You can use a photo of relatives and friends to increase the vitality of the office. Hang some photos related to the natural scenery in front of the line of sight, such as the picture of the rising sun in the morning, to give yourself hope and prospects and open the door to success. Put a pot of healthy plants on the left of the table to disperse the harmful electromagnetic waves emitted from the computer screen. Behind is a solid wall to provide strong support for you to accomplish your goals. Red and gold are elements that bring wealth and luck. When it comes to home office, you have every right to decide the decoration style and layout yourself, so don't be too rigid. You can choose colors and favorite items or display family photos, or you can handle business in a more personalized way.

4. How to set the location of home office?

   When preparing to set up an office at home, consider what makes it more comfortable, energetic and creative. The standard for choosing a room location for a home office depends on the type of work to be done and your personality. If you are an artist, composer, writer, or someone who needs to work in a quiet environment, the office should be behind the living room without the noise of the street. In order to get a pleasant environment, open a window or door to look at the garden and let nature inspire inspiration. On the other hand, if your business requires customers to come to your office, then your office should be close to the front of the house. The windows in the vestibule allow you to see the arrival of customers and greet them immediately, but the entrance must be clean and beautiful, don’t forget, you must make a good first impression. In your office, pay attention to leave a suitable seat for the guest, so that he feels comfortable when talking with you.

5. How to design the home office layout?

   In the home office environment, the use of color will have a great impact on work efficiency. Light colors should be used to relieve stress in a busy and intense office environment, and strong colors should be used to stimulate in an environment where work is more informal. Specifically, the color should be coordinated with the five elements to promote the efficiency of the work. If the home office is in the east and north of the house, green and blue should be used as the main colors of the office. The office in the south should be purple, and the northwest should be white or light brown.

6. How should I sit at the desk at home?

   The sitting direction of the home office must be able to see the doors and windows of the room, and cannot sit with the back of the door or the same side as the door. Also try not to sit next to electrical appliances, otherwise it will lead to decreased concentration and poor health. If it is a multi-person office, all tables and chairs must be directed toward the center to increase the centripetal force. The eight positions of the desk in the house are all pros and cons. ◆Sitting west and facing east is good for progress, and can be more careful, confident, and optimistic. The disadvantage is that it will lead to too ambitious, so lofty. ◆Sitting east and west is good for accumulating wealth, satisfying life and increasing the sense of romance. The disadvantage is that inertia increases and it is easy to cause emotional problems. Sitting north to south is good for passion, attention, and social activity. The disadvantages are increased pressure, twists and turns, and increased quarrels.

◆Sit from the south to the north to use mature and stable, creative potential, independent. The disadvantage is that it is easy to be alone, fearful, and the career tends to be ordinary. ◆ Sitting in the northwest and facing the southeast is conducive to enhancing leadership, expanding talents and sense of responsibility, and also enhancing dignity and credibility. The disadvantage is that it is easy to be self-sufficient and fatigued.

◆Sit from the southeast to the northwest to increase leadership ability, gain trust and respect. The disadvantages are doing things in their own way, arrogant and hypocritical, and interfering with others. ◆ Sitting from the southwest to the northeast is conducive to self-improvement, clear goals, and hard work. The disadvantages are greed, selfishness, excessive tension, and recklessness.

◆Sit from the northeast to the southwest is conducive to family harmony and help the nobles. The disadvantage is to rely on others and be too stingy.

7. How should the home desk be arranged?

The office environment is not only affected by the position of the desk, but also has a great relationship with the layout of the desk. If the items on the table are arranged correctly and the five elements are intertwined, it will produce strong creativity, and if the arrangement is wrong, it will make the work difficult. Therefore, the feng shui of the desk is also particular. The so-called "dragon" in feng shui refers to the position of the left hand of the desk when sitting down, and the "tiger" is the position of the right hand. The side of the dragon must move and the side of the tiger must be quiet. Therefore, on the left side of the desk, you can place items that make noises frequently, such as mobile phones, telephones, printers, typewriters, etc.; while on the right side of the desk, you can place less Moving objects, such as documents, folders, etc. As for the computer, it can be placed in the middle of the table or on the left side.

In addition to the above-mentioned principle of "moving left and static right", the layout of the desk also needs to grasp the key points of "high left and low right". It is mainly based on the principle of Feng Shui that the edge of the dragon is water, and the direction of water flow is low, so there is a saying that "the dragon is high and the tiger is low." Therefore, file racks, cabinets, etc. can be placed on the left side of the desk, which not only makes people feel more secure when working, but also increases the stability of work. In contrast, if too many items are placed on the right side of the desk, it will reduce the enthusiasm of work and greatly reduce work efficiency. In addition, because the dragon needs water, please put the purchased drinks on the left hand side of the desk. It is just a small act that can help you to activate your work fortune!

The front of the desk needs to be wide, so that people have a broad mind and a wide field of vision. If the space is too narrow, it will easily make people short-sighted, and only want to get immediate benefits. If the front of the desk is next to the wall, it is easy to feel depressed, and it is naturally difficult to have good performance and development at work. It is recommended that when sitting in such a position, you can post a landscape picture on the front wall to create a feeling of broad vision, and it also symbolizes that the foreground is optimistic. Lean against the wall behind the seat to make your career more stable. If there is an aisle behind the seat, people will naturally be unable to concentrate. If there is a window or door behind the seat, you will feel uneasy sitting, get irritable and unable to work calmly. Don't put trash cans behind your seats. This will increase your chores at work and it will not be easy to attract wealth. It is recommended that the trash can be placed on the right side of the desktop to avoid adverse effects. In feng shui, it is best to enter and exit from the left side of the desk (the dragon's edge). Things are smoother, but if you enter and exit from the right side of the desk (the tiger's edge), you will easily encounter difficulties and cannot break through.

Working from home is often a weakness in terms of personal connections, so Feng Shui should pay more attention to the strengthening of interpersonal relationships. You can put pink crystals on the desk to strengthen your interpersonal relationship and increase assistance. This is very important for business personnel. Because this kind of nature is expanded by contacts. In addition, the output value created by people who work from home is relatively small, so it is very important to promote money. Because of their weak strength, whether they can receive a large order or contract is often the key to changing their destiny. Therefore, traditional Feng shui objects are It can be used for multiple purposes, such as Money Frog, Pi Xiu, Elephant, etc., can all have the effect of accelerating wealth.

Even if you are at home, you must separate your office area from your living area and give yourself a separate office area, which is beneficial to your career.

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