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How to arrange the bed better?

The bed is the main equipment for our daily rest. The bed represents warmth, comfort and happiness, etc., so a cooked food bed can bring people a good sleep and at the same time allow people to enjoy life better. But do you know how to place the bed better? If the placement of the bed is incorrect, it will have a certain impact on people's lives, so we must know more about the placement of the bed and what Feng Shui is. Let's take a look at it in detail below.

1. Do not place the bed close to the outer wall.

The walls of the house can be divided into outer walls and inner walls. The outer wall refers to the wall adjacent to the outside, which directly feels the wind and rain outside. Compared with the inner wall, the humidity is higher and the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is larger. If the bed is placed close to the outer wall, the outside temperature and humidity will have a greater impact on the owner, which may bury the hidden dangers of chronic diseases such as cervical spondylosis and rheumatism.

2. Do not place the bed under the window.

The window is the main channel connecting the indoor and outdoor airflow, so as to absorb fresh air to replace the indoor air. In the process of air exchange, the nearby aura changes greatly. If the bed is placed right under the window, not only the owner's sleep will be affected by strong light and airflow, but also easily cause the loss of human energy, which will have an adverse effect on people's health and fortune.

3. It is forbidden to face the toilet when sleeping in the bedroom.

The taboo is easy to understand. The head of the bed directly faces the supervisor and represents the dirty toilet. Then, because the accumulation of dirty air will affect the body, wealth, and interpersonal relationship, especially obvious reactions will be reflected in the relationship between husband and wife, so pay attention.

4. The bed in the bedroom is too small or too soft.

According to Feng Shui in the bedroom, a bed that is too small in the bedroom will cause the couples sleeping on it to repel the skin, and in severe cases, it will affect the relationship between the couple. A bed with a too soft mattress will cause uneven weight, or make the mattress tilt one side to form uneven air field and unstable phenomenon.

5. It is forbidden for sharp corners or sharp objects to face the bed.

The bedroom is the place where couples spend the most time together. Therefore, if there are too many sharp corners in the bedroom, or any sharp objects facing the bed, this will lead to coexistence. The two people in this room are arguing and arguing.

6. Avoid any gaps behind the head of the bed.

The head should be close to the wall or the object. Otherwise, it is easy to produce hallucinations and pessimism, and severe cases may lead to schizophrenia.

What is the placement of the bed and Feng Shui? This is a more important part of our placement of the bed, because there are many Feng Shui problems in the placement of the bed. If we do not pay attention to Feng Shui, it may bring a lot of bad things. . Therefore, we must pay attention to how the bed is better placed, and must not be careless when placing the bed. Only by placing the bed reasonably can we enjoy life better.

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