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How does the Lunar New Year Feng Shui layout make a good fortune year?

The Lunar New Year is approaching, and it's time to reorganize the rooms every year, remove the old cloths, and clean up. How to sweep away bad luck efficiently and reorganize Feng Shui to improve luck?

The basic rules of feng shui cleaning

Many people are too lazy to clean the room. On the one hand, because they are exhausted at work, they really don’t have the energy to clean up the environment. On the other hand, some people may feel that they will get soiled again soon anyway... Various reasons It may become an obstacle for you to clean the room. However, if you ignore the dirt in the room, not only will the discomfort be delayed in your heart, but also your luck will decrease. Therefore, before the accumulation of dirt makes cleaning difficult, and the negative chain of luck continues to decline, some actions must be taken!

Throw away unwanted things

In order not to let bad luck accumulate, throwing away the things that are no longer used is the first step, and then make a refreshing room where good luck can travel!

Clean the entrance and exit of luck

Even if the room is clean, it is useless if the entrance, the window, and the ventilation window are dirty. Keep clean the entrances and exits that invite good luck!

Pay attention to smell

A place that emits a foul smell not only causes bacteria to breed, but also retards the "qi". Places such as kitchens and toilets should be actively ventilated to purify bad luck.

Important cleaning points in Feng Shui

In Feng Shui, cleaning and tidying up are very important things, whether it is a large room or a small room. Feng Shui has attached great importance to the three places of "door", "bed" and "furnace" since ancient times. For the modern home environment, the door represents the "entrance"; the bed represents the "sleeping place"; and the stove represents the "stove".

In the past, because the toilet was outside, it would not have too much influence on the air in the room. However, for the living environment of modern people, because modern toilets are installed indoors, the environment of the toilets has a great impact on residents, and its importance is therefore increased, becoming an important clean place in Feng Shui. What should be cleaned up in the home? How about improving luck?

The entrance to the fortune should be kept spacious

Entrance is the entrance of luck from the outside to the inside. Therefore, for those who enter and exit from the entrance, it is a place that can bring all kinds of luck. The state of the porch can be said to be the state of a person's external fortune, especially symbolizing the luck of career luck and interpersonal relations. Also because it is such an important place, it is very important to keep it spacious and clean!

Stay spacious

On the principle of putting only one pair of shoes in front of the entrance, the other shoes are stored in the shoe cabinet. Don’t put umbrellas, bicycles and other things. It’s important to stay as spacious as possible. If you live alone, the entrance of the room is relatively narrow. Don't put your shoes out, use storage products to organize it.

Frequent ventilation

Places where odor and humidity accumulate will accumulate stagnant Qi, which will have a negative impact on fortune. The main thing is to maintain clean air, so you have better luck!

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