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Is feng shui of the tree in front of the door good?

Is the feng shui of the tree in front of the door good? How to resolve the big tree in front of the door?

In life, many people plant a lot of trees around the house for the sake of greening and good air, so do you know how the trees in the house affect Feng Shui?

In Feng Shui, if there is a big tree planted near the home, it may bring auspicious luck, but if it is not handled properly, it may lead to the advent of evil, so it must be handled carefully, because the big tree is especially easy to attract spirits, that is, the spiritual world is special Likes to gather in the shade of trees.

In some real estates now, there are many trees by the window. For example, the owner of the house avoids wood, so it is absolutely not suitable to live in this type of unit.

If after moving into a new house, there is a problem with the hands, feet or liver, and there is a big tree next to the house, there is a high possibility that the feng shui of the big tree has problems, so the tree should be removed or relocated as soon as possible.

Feng Shui Theory , the big tree is located on the left-hand side of the gate looking out. It is the "Dragon Tree", which helps to shade the house and represents the male nobles.If the tree on the right side of the house is very high, and there is no tree of the same height on the left side to cooperate. The tree on the right is called "white tiger tree", which is not recommended for feng shui. , even if you want wood, cut the tree short.

If the big tree is near the window, pay attention to whether the branches develop towards the window. If so, it will affect the eyes and cause eye sores or eye diseases.

If the branches do not extend straight to the window, the tree by the window should not block the view. The tree should be kept at a certain distance from the windows and doors of the house so that it will not affect the feng shui and air circulation.

If you have a private garden, if you like to plant more trees, try not to plant large trees close to the house, and be careful not to let thick branches extend straight to the house. It is suitable to plant trees with softer leaves and non-stout trees beside the house to create a better feng shui environment.

Whether a big tree can bring good feng shui depends not only on whether the big tree is sitting in the green dragon square, and whether the shape of the tree brings chaotic evil, but also depends on the orientation of the big tree and whether it affects family members.

For example, if a couple is eager to seek a child, and a big tree just grows in the east of the house, and it grows very lushly, this kind is of course good feng shui, and the eldest boy in the Italian family. Conversely, if the father avoids wood, and a big tree grows in the northwest, it is not good or bad, it means that the male master of the family is restrained and resisted. Therefore, the big tree beside the house is definitely a kind of feng shui.

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