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Infertility feng shui

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

From the perspective of feng shui, the factors that affect the birth of boys and girls are to see if the houses whether there are missing corners. It is most important to look at the East first, because the East represents the eldest boy, the first son in the family. If the East is missing, or the Oriental depression, or the wrong items are placed, this family will not be able to have a son.

Couple unable to conceive and have children. From the perspective of Western medicine, it may only be about the health of male and female couples, their sperm or eggs.

In terms of numerology and Feng Shui magnetic field, it is not only a physical problem, but to find out the basic reason that cause of the couple's infertility first.

1. The fish tank cannot be placed in the bedroom. The fish tank will cause humidity. The bedroom will be too cloudy and too humid, which will easily lead to yin and yang, and it will be difficult to conceive.

2.The bedroom should not be equipped with too many mirrors. In addition to scare away the baby and hard to get pregnant , it will also cause the male spirit loss.

3.Downstairs in the bedroom should not have a God table or garage, otherwise it will be difficult to conceive.

4.The upstairs of the bedroom's bed is the toilet, which also makes it difficult for couples to conceive.

5.The bedroom can only have one external door. If there are two external doors, it will make it difficult for the couple to conceive.

6.Do not place metal or electrical appliances near the bedside, such as telephones, radios, etc. Placing these items can easily interfere with normal magnetic fields and normal work and rest, making it difficult for couples to conceive.

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