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General House Feng shui

Generally speaking, the house, whether it is the shape of the house or the layout of the interior, should be in line with the personal style as much as possible, so the personal style, whether it is a business or an office worker, basically everyone wants to have a good life. To make money, to be able to live a peaceful and peaceful life with family and happiness, so this feng shui is very important. The so-called good feng shui is to enable you to achieve this goal. Then if the feng shui in your home, including the indoor and outdoor feng shui, is not good, it will be difficult for you to achieve this goal. Many houses are designed very strangely in the house itself, just like an artist, sometimes people can't understand it. There are many strange shapes with sharp corners, the interior decoration is too colorful or there are many arches. These are not suitable for ordinary people. These are only suitable for artists or abnormal people. Of course, ordinary people It is best not to use this shape, because it will affect your work and your thinking and then affect your family, so the house still needs to be square without too many missing corners, and the color of the house should be harmonious and not too dark. The color should not be too bright, because Feng Shui at home basically requires the principle of stability, unless you are a business person, if your company is designed to achieve the purpose of business, the exception is, the place of work is different from the family, so Everyone must understand that the feng shui in the home is of course clean and tidy without too many sundries. Too many sundries will make people think and make wrong decisions. Of course, the internal layout, such as the sink and gas in the kitchen The furnace should not be opposite to each other. This will cause the relationship between husband and wife to lead to serious divorce. The health of the house depends on the room, because the room is the place to sleep. Sleeping for seven or eight hours will seriously affect the health of the individual, so there are some houses. If there is a toilet in your room, you should pay attention. The toilet must not face the bed. If there is a mirror in the room, you can't look at the bed. This will cause serious insomnia and your health will be affected. How to work hard and do business What about the house? Many people have swimming pools behind their houses. The swimming pools are basically low-lying places and are not suitable for the right back of the house, because the back of the house needs to have a backer, and there must be a high house or a high hillside. It is relatively stable, just like if there is no backrest behind the chair you are sitting on, you will basically feel unstable, you may fall down often, and you can’t even lean back even if you want, so the swimming pool directly behind the house is very bad feng shui , If there are low-lying valleys behind some people, it will cause a serious situation where the wife feels unstable to the husband and the children are not attentive. Therefore, the design of the swimming pool is best not directly behind the house. Ideally, in the design of many houses in the United States, as soon as you open the door, you can directly see the rear window, and then behind the window is the yard. No matter how much money you make, you will not be able to use it. Foreigners like the house to be ventilated and When you open the door, you have a wide field of vision and you can see everything when you open the door. Therefore, foreigners spend money very aggressively and often have no savings. Of course, each country’s conditions are different, but it’s another matter if you want to save the money you earn. If you do other investment or business expenses, then you have to change your thinking. Therefore, many original houses in the United States have to be slightly modified after you move in. Many people say that this house was originally designed like this, There is nothing wrong but everyone must have a little knowledge of Feng Shui so that it will be of great help to your life and the use of your funds!

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