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Friends engaged in the real estate industry should pay attention to the northwest

Because the northwest is a wealthy constellation, the ruler of windfall wealth and nobles.

In 2022, the six white Wuqu stars fly to the northwest,The five elements are gold, and this star is conducive to changing the fortune of the industry. At the same time, the six white martial arts stars will also affect the career fortune of the family, especially the career fortune of the male owner. If the male host is still in the job search stage, fine With this orientation, you can have the opportunity to find a good job.

There should not be too many sundries and loud electrical appliances in the northwest of the writer's home, otherwise the fortune of the family will easily decline.

Especially for friends who are engaged in the real estate industry,Qi will also become low. The northwest must be cleaned frequently, or you can set up a quiet rest area where your family can rest quietly.

However, remember not to place noisy home appliances.

When arranged properly, it is bound to get the help of nobles.

If you want to plan ahead, don't miss it!

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