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Find your Noble Person to success faster

If you have a friend to help you during your life journey, you will be very lucky. Don't do anything wrong and let your friends stay away from you unknowingly. From a feng shui perspective, the following seven behaviors may make you lose the help of your friends.

1. There is a trash can on the left side of the desk

Whether it is the study at home or your own office, it is an important place that determines the career of the owner, especially the placement of the desk is the most important. In Feng Shui, the left side of the desk is the noble person. If you put the trash can on the left, you will tarnish the noble person by accident, and the noble person will naturally not come to help you.

2. Place broken objects on the desk

Putting broken furnishings with missing corners on the desk is also a way to drive away the nobles. In feng shui, the desk is a window for the nobles. The window should be neat and perfect, and the nobles will take care of you and get close to you. There will be no luck.

3. Put cactus behind the seat

Desks. It’s better to have a solid wall behind the desk seat. Feng Shui and numerology call it a solid wall, which implies that there is noble person to help. If there is a cactus or rose and other thorny plants between the solid wall and the seat, this is the case. If it is destroyed, the noble will be helpless to you.

4. Place sports equipment in the study

The study is a place to learn to cultivate the mind. It should be quiet and not moving. If you put treadmills and other sports equipment here, it will wash away the nobles around you.

Fifth, fall behind the sofa in the living room

The sofa in the living room represents the family's treasury. If the back of the sofa is not supported, it means that there will be villains without nobles, which affects the interpersonal relationship of the owner in the home and has a bad influence on fortune. Hanging a large mirror on the wall behind the sofa in the living room is also a feng shui taboo, because the solid wall behind it becomes a virtual wall, and the master's career will go away.

6. Sundries piled on the left side of the gate

From the perspective of Feng Shui, the left side of the gate is the noble person in the home. Drying clothes and stacking sundries on the left side of the home door directly block the transportation of nobles. Even if he has a good reputation, he will be blocked and cannot play a substantial role.

7. Raise turtles in the living room

The living room in Feng Shui at home represents the owner's career, while the tortoise represents the villain in Feng Shui. If you see it in a conspicuous place in the living room, because there are villains in your career, then you will be shut out

8. Setting the stove in the northwest

In feng shui numerology, home furnishings are divided into eight directions according to the gossip. The northwest direction is Qian Gua, and the five elements belong to fire. Qian symbolizes the owner’s boss, nobles, etc. If this position is placed on stoves, red objects, etc. Things that belong to fire will form fire to overcome gold, that is, nobles are restrained. This image implies that when the noble person is in need of help, the noble person is overwhelmed by things.

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