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Feng Shui Tip - Gas stove by the window

The airflow in the window will affect the stability of the gas stove, and the poor quality of the cooked food will affect the health. In addition, the gas stove is a treasury, and the treasury is exposed when the window is opened, so the gas stove by the window will have the effect of money lost. The windows around the gas stove should not be set too low, because the gas stove is where the home’s treasury is located. If there are windows around it, it is like showing the treasury to others to peek at, it will be coveted by others because the gas stove is near the window, so the gas cannot be condensed. Just like a hole in the pocket, no matter how much money it is, it still leaks. In addition, when the window is too low, the wind blows directly to the fire and causes incomplete combustion. The cooked food must contain the cause of disease. Long-term consumption of this kind of food will affect your health. If the fire is blown out by strong wind, you must pay attention to gas poisoning. The deterioration of the entire physiological structure will cause poor blood circulation and endocrine disorders.

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