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Feng Shui Tip - Faucet on or Facing the Gas Stove

If the faucet of the sink in the kitchen faces the gas stove. This will have the effect of restraining water and fire, and will have the effect of quarrels, having an affair ,accidents, and money lost. If there is a faucet on the gas stove in the kitchen, which can easily lead to the phenomenon of get hurt and damage of marriage in household members. The faucet and the gas stove are too close or facing each other. Water can easily spill on the gas stove, which can easily cause the stove fire to go out. Over time, it will lead to a sense of psychological oppression and crisis. The effect of constant quarrels and quarrels due to trivial matters. If the husband and wife quarrel constantly do not feel love at home, there will be an affair happen. Being uneasy is also prone to have accidental and Bloodshed disasters due to absent-mindedness. So everyone carefully check whether there is a faucet on the gas stove at home, and if there is, it should be resolved immediately.

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