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Feng Shui living by the railway

If the house is located next to the railway, it will vibrate violently when the train passes by. The wave rate of the vibration will affect the human brain. People living near the railway will often be affected by the sound waves of the vibration and affect their health. The faster the speed, the vibration will also Relatively higher, the air flow will also affect, causing the aura to fluctuate and the house aura is unstable, which will naturally bring the surrounding people to the influence of the environmental aura, causing all kinds of troubles in life. Because the impact of train noise and shock waves is constant day and night, even if sound insulation is added, it will still be affected by shock waves, so if possible, the houses on both sides of the railway should not be used for long. There are high-speed railways, MRTs, and railways around the residence, which will be affected by high-voltage electricity, noise, and unstable gas fields. An unstable aura is relatively easy to be mentally unstable, so if you live around a railway, you need to pay special attention. Because railways currently use high-voltage electricity as a source of power, it is necessary to pay attention to electromagnetic suffocation, which will affect brain nerves and physical health. In addition, because the current speed of trains is quite fast, it will cause confusion in the aura around the house, which is prone to accidents and not gathering money.

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