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Feng Shui layout for wanting to get married in 2021

In 2021, the love constellation Jiu Zi is in the northeast. This star is the festive red-luan star, which is mainly for love, peach blossoms, weddings, birthing children and other festive events. Keep it tidy and clean, with good air circulation and sufficient light, which is conducive to happy events.

The popularity star in 2021 will be in the south, which will help accumulate popularity and joy in the 20th, and will help careers, connections and peach blossoms. In the south position, if you want to have a boyfriend or girlfriend, don't miss this position. It is better to put a pink crystal ball in the south.

What is the focus on the layout of love?

First of all, it must be bright and clean, not easy to be dark. At the same time, horns are indispensable, and how to use feng shui objects to increase love luck:

1) Put potted plants in vases

In 2021, some vases and potted plants can be placed in the southern peach blossom position of the home, which can play a role in promoting the prosperity of peach blossoms. The vase has the good meaning of lucky, but you cannot put an empty bottle. It has a bad meaning of feeling lost. It is best to raise a few flowers, such as roses, peach blossoms, gypsophila, lilies, lotus, etc. are all suitable, withered flowers Remember to replace it in time and keep the water in the water bottle clean, which is more helpful to bring good luck.

Potted plants can choose peach trees, albizia trees, pomegranates, etc., which have beautiful meanings such as happiness and happiness. You can also hang some festive small objects such as red ribbons, red ropes, concentric knots, small lanterns, etc. on the pots to help prosper marriage and attract peach blossoms. It should be noted that it is best not to place cacti and thorny plants in the position of love, which can easily bring bad effects to feelings and interpersonal relationships.

2) Hanging flowers and birds calligraphy and painting

In 2021, singles can also put some pictures of flowers and birds in the south of their homes. For marriage, it is most suitable to choose the elements of peach blossom, double lotus, mandarin duck, and gourd, and the stalk blooms in pairs, which can bring good to people. The visual experience also implies marriage and beauty, and it is also easy to drive singles’ expectations and longings for love, making them more positive and optimistic in terms of feelings.

3) Place crystal ornaments

Natural crystal has strong energy, so put some crystal ornaments to stimulate its energy. For example, placing a pair of crystal swans, mandarin ducks, and dynasty lotus. Swans are also a symbol of love, symbolizing loyal love, which means sweet feelings, one-hearted and long-lasting companionship; in addition to placing crystal ornaments, you can also use some crystal homeware For example, install a crystal lamp in the living room, or hang a crystal bead curtain. With the illumination of light, it can enhance the peach blossom star and promote the prosperity of the peach blossom.

4) Wear crystal jewelry

Singles who want to recruit peach blossoms in 2021 can wear crystal necklaces, bracelets, pendants and other accessories with them. Pink crystals, amethysts, rhodolites, and red agates have the best effect to attract peach blossoms. You can choose foxes and hearts in the shape. Shapes, roses, etc., are vigorous and fashionable, and can promote peach blossoms. If you want to better play the role of recruiting peach blossoms, you can choose according to your five elements' preferences. For example, friends who like gold in the five elements can wear golden, silver-white gold crystals, white crystals, etc., to attract peach blossoms, promote wealth and protect health Both have benefits.

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