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Feng shui for Rich (2)

Feng shui for Rich (2)

Rich people like to use black and green wallets

I often hear people say that a yellow wallet can make money, but after actually looking at the wallets of many rich people, they found that their wallets are almost not yellow, but black and green.

Yellow is close to gold, and it is easy to think of money, but from the perspective of the energy of color, yellow also has the aspect of lack of perseverance and instability. Green brings the impression of being polite and serious, caring for others, and clear goals. It is the necessary energy for business owners.

And black can improve the temperament of craftsmen, such as: artistic talent, concentration, and improve curiosity and other work ability.

People who must be loved by others at work often use green wallets, because they are not good at communication, but can use their strengths to make money, but black wallets can help them succeed.

Rich people always use their lucky color , so finding out your lucky color is the most important thing anyway.

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