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**Most important is Shop selection,how to choose the right shop :

(1) Store MUST Facing the right direction ,it is the key point of making money shop.

(2) The front door needs to be located at the wealth location,then the shop staff will be happy and love to work and the customer base will be strong, then the store will be rich.

(3) The front of the store must be wide and lively. DO NOT BLOCK THE FRONT DOOR ,the space at least 5 feet away from the door . If the door is opened in a bad location, the business will not be good and the operation is difficult. It may even be closed.

(4) The left of the shop need to higher than the right when you look outside from the front door.

(5) Stores must be square, and cannot lack corners: Do not use shape as big front and small tails, triangles, etc., because this is not good for business.

Store layout

(1) The cash register must be placed in the shop's financial position.

(2) The boss' office should be at the wealth location (choice by flying star)

(3) The Wealth location can not have window or isle, should not have beams on the top.

(4) Avoid opening two convection doors in the store to prevent leakage.

(5) The placement of feng shui products need to place at right location, otherwise it will be counterproductive.

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