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Family Pictures Feng Shui

Many people don’t know where the photos of the family should be hung, which will be better feng shui. The family portrait in the living room means harmony and happiness. Family portraits are usually displayed in the living room. They can be hung on the wall or made. The photo frame is placed on the table. It’s a feng shui taboo to display family portrait photos in the living room, so how to display them better?

1. Avoid using round photo frames

The yang energy in the living room should be exuberant. It is best to choose a square family portrait photo frame to increase the yang energy in the house and avoid evil and bad luck. If you use a round photo frame, it is easy to lose your luck, your career will not go smoothly, and you may lose your fortune. If you want to resolve the evil spirit, you must replace the family portrait with a square photo frame.

2. Avoid incorrect placement

If the family portrait frame is hung on the wall, it needs to be square and square, and good luck will come in. If it is placed crookedly, it will gather the evil spirits of the house in the living room, and there will be constant quarrels between family members. If you need to drive nails on the wall, it is best to avoid the pregnancy of women at home to avoid fetal gas.

3. Avoid placing on the opposite side of the mirror

The mirror reflects a lot of evil spirits, and it also brings yin. If the family portrait photo is placed on the opposite side of the mirror, the mirror will suck all the people's luck, and it will also reflect the evil anger and yin. Marriage and family are prone to problems. If you put family portrait photos in the living room, the mirrors around or on the opposite side need to be evacuated and should not be taken.

4. Avoid placing it right in front of the door

It is best to avoid the door when placing it. If it is placed directly opposite the door, the air transport through the door will be affected. It is easy to bring in the evil spirits from the outside. For a long time, it will lead to disharmony in the relationship between neighbors and constant quarrels. Career is also prone to personnel disputes that affect career and wealth. Avoid placing family photos above the stove. Because Feng Shui pays much attention to image decoration, think about whether people put it on the stove as if they are being roasted by the fire. Of course, people in the family will not have good luck, so hurry up and see if the photos at home are on the stove. .

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