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Eleven feng shui patterns that cause husbands to have an affair

   1. The layout of the home is too asymmetrical. In the home Feng Shui, the northwest represents the male host and the southwest represents the hostess. If the layout of the unit is protruding in the northwest or recessed in the southwest; and if tall furniture is placed in the northwest and the home furnishings in the southwest are relatively ordinary, there will be a feng shui meaning that the male owner is too strong and the hostess has no status in the home.

  2, Feng Shui that affects the charm of women

   For men, it is very important whether the wife’s charm can change the idea of ​​cheating. When husband and wife have been together for many years, men are easily tempted by the outside world and derailed because of their aesthetic sense. At this time, the wife must use her own charm to save her husband's heart. If the following situations occur in the house, the bed is not against the wall, the head of the bed is against the window, etc. It will affect the health of the hostess. If there is no health, dark circles are prone to occur. So improve the home Feng Shui and enhance your own charm, so as to retain the heart of the husband.

  3. The entrance door or the master bedroom door is facing the bathroom

   The entrance door or the master bedroom door faces the bathroom. It is easy to see the bathroom as soon as you enter the door, or you can see the bathroom when the bedroom door is opened, which may cause affair in Feng Shui.

   4. Open the door and see the bed

   In the case of the master bedroom and the entrance door facing directly or sideways, if the master bedroom door is not closed frequently, you may see the bed as soon as you enter the door, which will affect the relationship between the couple.

   5. The left side is too strong

   In Feng Shui, the left side refers to the green dragon, which refers to a man, and the right side refers to the white tiger, which represents a woman. If the Feng Shui on the left is good and too strong, then the men in the house are more powerful. If the feng shui on the right is better than the one on the left, and too strong, it means that the status of the hostess in the house is higher than that of the male host.

  6, color decoration

  The color decoration in the house is very important. Generally speaking, the color should be matched with warm and cold colors. If it is a cool color, the relationship between husband and wife is easy to talk about. Another reason why a man has an affair is that his wife is not gentle and his wife is too strong. Therefore, if the decoration of the house is not eye-protecting and eye-catching colors, it is easy to cause frequent quarrels between the husband and wife, and upset and irritability.

  7. Empty vases at home or office

   Things must be useful. Just as a pen is used for writing, a cup is used for drinking water, and a vase is used for arranging flowers, it is better to put flowers. Empty vases placed at home or in the office have the meaning of affair.

   8. Too many back doors

   There is usually only one back door and one front door in a typical house. If there are too many back doors or front doors, on the one hand, it is not advisable to hide the atmosphere and gather wealth. On the other hand, it refers to the possibility of men having an affair.

   9. The master bedroom is located in the peach blossom position

   The Wenchang peach blossom position in the home has the effect of prospering Wenchang and peach blossoms. If the master bedroom is in the peach blossom position, it enhances the peach blossom luck of the husband and wife, and it is easy for the two to become extroverted, especially the husband.

   10. When a man has money, he becomes bad

   Some home furnishings are good for home feng shui. After some improvements in home feng shui, the fortune of the home became better, which instead derailed the husband. As the saying goes, men get bad when they have money. In life, some husbands are too rich and forget the wives who share their troubles. If the household feng shui wealth is not good, or the wife controls the economic power. In terms of practical factors, there must be no husband who can derail without spending money.

  11, the master bedroom decoration is too fancy

   Too fancy decorations make people feel uneasy and prone to pursue new and exciting desires. When the daily life of marriage and family is dull, the temptation from the outside world is the fuse.

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