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Dragon's overall fortune in 2020

Lucky color: yellow, brown, white

Taboo colors: green, red

1952 Dragon

The zodiac dragon in 2020 has a good fortune. you have a smooth career when you were young, have power, and you still have a good reputation in old age. Therefore, in the later years of life, you can live in prosperity and wealth, and have a leisurely and happy time. You can spend time with your friends or relax in a group tour. However, we must pay attention to beware of the wicked, and do not believe in high-risk, high-return investment projects at will. It is recommended to maintain a good financial management method to avoid falling into the trap of fraud. Discuss everything with your family, don't be stubborn, don't overwork, and pay attention to your health. As you get older, you should not eat cold, spicy food, and control your tobacco and alcohol intake to avoid three highs and three lows.


1964 Dragon

Entering 2020, the fortune is normal, and the career is smooth at the beginning of the year. As long as you can seize the opportunity and rely on your own ability, you will definitely get good results; But at the end of the year, the fortune has declined, so you must be cautious about investment. You cannot invest on a large scale. You must do everything yourself. You must not be optimistic about your account. On the emotional side, it is recommended that the two parties be given independent space. Do not interfere too much, take the initiative to confess your inner thoughts, and do not hide the facts. Problems should be resolved as soon as possible.


1976 Dragon

The fortune in the first half of 2020 is good, and the business area can be appropriately expanded. provide your personal ideas at work, improve work efficiency, and pay attention to the ways and methods when dealing with people, converge temperament, do not offend colleagues, and establish a good circle of friends. Business people must wait patiently for opportunities, In terms of investment, we must pay attention to observing changes in market conditions. We must not misassess investment risks. We must not neglect the details of each step of the plan, and try to be perfect. This year's lack of interpersonal communication is mainly due to arbitrary and arbitrary behavior, easy to be influenced by others, and it is recommended that you change your temper.


1988 Dragon

Entering 2020, the fortune is good. In the workplace, the dragons have the help of noble people and can stretch their fists. They have smooth sailing opportunities. They have many opportunities for promotion and salary. But we must pay attention to distinguish between the good and the wicked. Don't mistrust the words of the wicked to invest a large amount. Don't blame the good for causing the noble to stay away. In daily life, you need to control your emotions, calm down when things go wrong, and discuss things with the people around you. When the time comes, plan before you can act rashly. In terms of health, in order to avoid sub-health due to physical overdraft, it is recommended to arrange work and rest reasonably, and the diet should be clean and light. Do not patronize roadside stalls.


2000 Dragon

The students in 2020 have a good fortune, good academic performance, cheerful personality, little pressure from family and school employment, more free time, and easier life. But we must ensure that we listen carefully to the class, do our best to get more honors, and lay a good foundation for future employment. People in the workplace should maintain a humble and eager attitude, work hard, strive to reduce the gap with others in the shortest time, and can use their free time to enhance their knowledge. Remember not to have disputes with others, to maintain good relationships with colleagues and superiors, not to worry about it, to give up everything.

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