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Do you set up your money Location for 2022 yet?

If you have not set up yet , you still have chance !

In feng shui, financial position, as the name suggests, is the position in charge of wealth luck, and it is also a very important position in feng shui. The good and bad luck of financial position is largely related to the prosperity and decline of financial fortune. Let me explain to you the direction of the financial position in 2022.

In 2022, the big financial position will be in the northeast

In 2022, the financial position will be in the northeast, because in 2022, the year of Renyin and the tiger, the Eight White Zuo Fuxing will fly to the northeast. Zuo Fuxing is the biggest auspicious star among all auspicious stars. The five elements belong to the earth. This star is a prosperous fortune star in the eighth fortune. It is not only beneficial to the male owner of the family, but also affects the fortune of the family. Salary and wealth, etc.

People who have bad luck in wealth and career this year can make good use of the northeast orientation in 2022. If this location is properly arranged, it will help the family to prosper and rich in wealth.

It should be noted that the northeast direction should be kept clean and tidy, and it is not suitable to stack garbage and sundries, otherwise it will not be conducive to the accumulation of wealth in the residence, and there is a risk of bankruptcy.

This year, you can place some feng shui lucky auspicious ornaments at the eight white left auxiliary stars in the northeast and the northeast of your home, which can boost your fortune and gain a steady stream of wealth.

When laying out the northeast orientation, you need to pay attention. It is not suitable to set the toilet in this orientation, otherwise it will easily lead to excessive moisture in the northeast orientation, which is not conducive to wealth luck, and even makes the overall fortune erratic.

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