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Choosing the right color of the floor mat can bring good fortune

Floor mats are a common item for everyone in the family, and they can be placed at the door to remove the dust from outside. But how to choose the best floor mat? What color is the best? Today we will talk about it.

Pay attention to the mats in front of the gate:

Place the door mat outside the door: Because the carpet that has been stepped on by the soles of your shoes can hide dirty air, the carpet should be placed outside the door to avoid bringing the dirty air into the house.

How to choose the color of the door mat:

1. If the gate is in the south, the color of Feng Shui Kaiyun is red. Because the south is fire, you can also choose wood, wood (cyan) raw water, so put red, purple or cyan floor mats here to make your family full of energy , Bring the effect of fame and fortune. 2. If the gate opens in the southwest and northeast, the color of Kaiyun is yellow, because the five elements in the southwest and northeast belong to the earth. Yellow represents nobleness and wealth in China. Fire (red, purple) can also be used for water. At the same time, this position dominates wisdom and marriage. If you can put a yellow carpet in this position, it can bring prosperity to wealth and make marriage beautiful. 3. If the gate opens in the west or northwest, the color of Fortune is gold, because gold symbolizes nobility and purity. You can also choose soil, soil (yellow) for gold, and if you can put a gold, yellow or orange carpet in this position, It can bring good luck to the nobles and wealth, and can also increase children's luck in studying. 4. If the gate is opened in the east and southeast, the color of good luck is green, because the five elements in the east and southeast belong to wood, and green is the main color of trees. Water (blue) can also be used for wood, which has the meaning of vitality. . Laying a blue or green carpet here has a positive catalytic effect on family and wealth.

5. If the door is in the north, the color of good luck is blue. Gold or gold (yellow) raw water can also be selected. Because the north is in charge of the cause, if you want to find a good job or want to increase your career luck, you can place blue in the north of the living room. Color or yellow carpets are conducive to the vigorous development of the business.

Wealth Arrow Let money come Fast

After the color is selected, use the "Introduction Arrow" composed of 7 Five Emperor Coins to further strengthen the effect of attracting wealth. The method is to form the shape of an arrow with 7 Five Emperor Coins, strung them with a red thread, and sew them directly on a brand new towel. Then place it under the stepping mat with the arrow pointing in the direction of the house, which can produce the effect of fortune.

It should be noted that after placing the five-emperor money "Introduction Arrow" under the stepping mat, the original anti-slip effect of the stepping mat may be affected. Therefore, pay attention to strengthening the anti-slip effect of other parts. , Make sure that there will be no safety problems before using it.

If the floor mats in your home are not selected correctly, please pay attention to adjustments.

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