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Choice the right bedroom

Every room in the house has its own magnetic field energy. The location of each room is different due to the different years of the house. The distribution of the room has its own function and energy. Not every room is suitable for sleeping in it or just being used as an office because If the magnetic field in the room is not good, if people sleep in it, their health will naturally be bad. For example, the decoration of the bed and the toilet will easily cause health problems to the person who sleeps in the bed, but there are often people with good fortune. He will use it as an office instead of using it as a room, so it will not be affected by the toilet. Many rooms are not suitable for an office. Nowadays, many people work at home if the magnetic field energy in the working place is not good or the use of The wrong room will also cause problems at work. At work, mistakes are often made or people are framed, etc., so we must pay special attention when assigning rooms at home, especially the rooms that the elderly live in. We must pay attention to health. This magnetic field energy is helpful for health. We must find magnetic field energy in our office to help us work smoothly. This is what we should pay attention to when choosing a room.

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