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Causes of bad luck in life

In everyone's life, sometimes luck is better and sometimes luck is bad.  The good or bad luck of life is like the twists and turns of the road, there is no smooth road, and there is no road that has always been twists and turns.  

So in our life ,There are many reasons for bad luck

 The first is the your destiny affection 

Because  it is destined to not go well in the past few years.  This situation can be easily seen through the destiny.  In this situation, the only way to do this is to keep and focus the existing and currently achievements, do not make any more expansion or investment or it will cause you big failure 

 .The second is that the direction of life is not chosen right

 Everybody has suitable direction for development your career that’s for sure,if the most suitable for development in your life is in the direction of the east, and the most forbidden to seek development is in the south.  In reality, you went to the direction of south.  That is to say, instead of going in a better direction, You went in the direction is bad for you, that is why cause your life facing difficulty .

 .The third is the choice of wrong industry

In fact, everyone is like this.  Some people are naturally suited to work in the technology industry, but in reality they are engaged in administrative work due to family factors and other factors.  As a result, everything went wrong. In the end, it was at most a section chief, and every level up took a lot of trouble.  If you are engaged in technology, you can definitely succeed easily

 .Fourth, it is caused by Feng Shui

 When some unlucky people approached me for a check,I found that luck was good in recent years, but the reality is that they are hitting walls everywhere. Later I found out that it was due to Feng Shui.

 .Fifth, it is the factor of doing bad thing 

 People who do good deeds often get unexpected gains.  This is also one of the reasons why the fate of the great good and evil is not accurate.  There was a 33-year-old man who asked me to predict when a boy would be born. I said that if you do more good deeds, it is hard to think about not having a boy.  At this time, the other party asked me: What does this have to do with doing good deeds?  It's really hard for people like this to have a boy.  It can be seen from the above points that when you are lucky, you can go to the place that suits you and do the industry that suits you best, and then pay attention to the environment and do good deeds. Only then can you get twice the result with half the effort, and you can easily succeed in doing things.

Luck is too bad recently, how to transfer?

 Feng Shui believes that the wealth and achievement of a person's life depends on fate and luck.  Most fate is predestined, and luck can be changed.  So, how do people with bad luck transfer? How do people with bad luck transfer?

 1. The most important thing for people's luck is to receive qi. The color of people's clothes is related to luck.  For example, if you wear a red-colored dress today, it will easily cause troubles and cause disasters. It’s not when it’s best to wear red clothes. You should choose the color of your clothes according to your five elements, and don’t wear them randomly.  .  2. If the feng shui at home is not good, make appropriate adjustments and make adjustments in accordance with the methods of professionals. Once the feng shui is good, the people living in it will naturally be happy and lucky.

 3. You need to adjust your mentality. You can't be frowning all day long. A bright smile will also bring you good luck.

 4. Do more good deeds and help people you can help. God usually favors such kind people, and good people are always rewarded.

 5. When you have time, you should always go to the temple to worship the Buddha and ask the Buddha to bless you.

 Home feng shui leads to poor luck. 

The environment is changed. If the home feng shui layout leads to poor luck, you must see where the problem occurs. If you want to achieve good feng shui, it is best to do it before the decoration and pay attention to the lighting of the house.  , To ensure ventilation.  Do not live in a house with missing corners, convex corners, and many pillars, so as not to be angry.  Pay attention to the orientation, furniture placement, etc. The taboos are different for each space. Generally, note that the living room should be bright, the bedroom should be dark, the furniture should be placed against the wall, the bed, desk, and sofa should not be opposite the door, the toilet and kitchen should not be opposite, nor cross  The central area of ​​the moving line.  Do not expose the mirror in the bedroom.  Avoid beams on the ceiling in the living room.  The method of transshipment is to change these dilapidated layouts and solve the problem from the source.

 How to transfer the bad luck caused by the bad luck of the fleeting year or the Tai Sui? We can make up for it by wearing it to adjust the fortune.  The method of transportation can be red and red. Red is regarded as a symbol of celebration, success, loyalty and justice.  Especially think that red has the effect of exorcising evil and protecting the body.  Therefore, for people who are in their birth year, red clothes, red shoes and socks, red prayer beads, bracelets, necklaces, etc. can all play a role in transport.

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