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Bathroom Mirror Feng Shui

Many houses make same mistakes in the bathroom feng shui .

In modern house decoration, mirrors are often used to magnify the space vision and create a bright home effect. According to the house feng shui theory, mirrors are yin and have functions of magnification and reflection. If they are used properly, they can increase fortune and amplify energy. However, if they are placed incorrectly, they will cause evil spirits and affect the peace, health, and fortune of the occupants.

Be careful, wrong placement is worse than no placement! The mirror facing the toilet door will allow others to see every move in the toilet, causing discomfort in perception. On the other hand, there will be a "door-to-door" evil spirit, causing family disharmony, affecting health and fortune.

The bathroom is a very suitable place to put a mirror. People usually do their grooming and grooming in the bathroom. But pay attention to the mirror not to face the toilet bowl as well,. The toilet bowl is a device for draining dirty waste. If the bathroom mirror is facing the toilet, it will reflect the dirty aura of the toilet and cause bad luck.

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