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Bad luck can be improved by adjusting your home

Bad luck can be improved by adjusting your home

For any person, in fact, there is good luck and bad luck. In this world, there is no feng shui who is always invincible, and there is no one who is always safe from disasters. Because of the combination of fate, no one is perfect. Therefore, in life, there are always people who will encounter feng shui or bad luck temporarily, or when they are more blocked. So, what should we do at this time?

1. Change the orientation or direction of the door

After some people live in a house, they have many problems, such as poor health, affected work, and poor relationship between husband and wife. It must be related to feng shui, and there are so many general problems, which are often related to the gate. Therefore, the direct way is to move the gate, but it must be designated by a feng shui expert. For example, if the gate is in the southeast, it can be changed to the right On the southern position. Or if the original gate cannot be changed, the orientation of the gate can be changed. For example, if the original gate faces due west, it can be changed to face northwest. The door is the hub of a house, and it is often the most critical, the most direct, and the most rapid in impact.

2. Change a room as a new bedroom

Generally speaking, in a house, there must be good directions and bad directions, which is what we call prosperous and weak directions in feng shui. In the same family, if someone’s bedroom is in the prosperous side, it will naturally go smoothly, and everything will be easy to succeed. However, some people's bedrooms are in decline, so there are many diseases, right and wrong, and troubles. This is the problem caused by the orientation and feng shui. The most effective way is to change the bedroom.

3. Try to change the position of the bed

In some homes, due to space constraints, the bedroom cannot be changed. What should I do? Then, another method is to change and move the bed that you sleep on. For example, if you originally sit with your feet facing west, you can change your head to the west and your feet to the east, which will help improve your luck. The changes are good, and it will be up and running soon. This is also a very effective and good method, but it is ignored by ordinary people.

Fourth, use the fish tank to create magic

The so-called mountains govern people, and water govern wealth. Therefore, if you want to have a good career and good fortune, you must work hard on "water". Therefore, in the layout of the home, the fish tank is often used. But if you don't put it right, you will not only lose money, but also affect your health. How do you know it's not right? For example, you have a fish tank in your home, but after you put it, there are many things, all of which are troublesome and troublesome. It must be the influence of this fish tank, what is the method? Just move the fish tank to the opposite direction, and you can't go wrong. For example, if the original fish tank is due south, it can be moved to due north; for example, if the original fish tank is due west, it can be moved to due east. It's such a simple thing, you can make your home's feng shui and your luck come alive, this is also a very simple method.

5. Redecorating the house

Some houses are too old, and in Feng Shui terms, they may be out of luck. At this time, the best way is to redecorate the entire house. It is also a good way to reconnect the Feng Shui of the house with the luck of today's prosperity through decoration, but generally the amount of work is large.

6. Change your old life rules and habits

Don't underestimate this point, a person's luck is absolutely related to the laws and habits of life. Therefore, you can use this method when you feel that doing things for a long time will never achieve your goals or be successful. It starts with changing your own daily routines and habits. For example, if you used to get up at 12:00, you should get up at 8:00 in the morning. For example, if you don’t like to go north, you can go to the north more, and so on. Through these changes in habits and life rules, some changes in other aspects of life will also be driven, which is a natural thing.

All in all, it's all about luck. For example, if you are lucky, you can naturally buy a house with good feng shui or a suitable house. This is also a natural reason and law. Therefore, if you feel that you are lacking in luck, and you have to make some big decisions or things, you might as well find some people who are usually more fortunate to be with you, or it may increase your chances of success.

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