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Bad feng shui in the toilet should not be neglected!

Bad feng shui in the toilet should not be neglected!

In the home decoration, the toilet is a functional area for clean and sewage. The space is relatively small compared to areas such as the living room and bedroom. It is usually decorated and designed according to the principle of convenience. However, the bathroom and toilet space used every day belongs to water in the five elements, and it is also in Feng Shui A very important piece, poor design easily affects the health and fortune of the occupants.

"Home" is like a person. The kitchen is like a person's stomach, which governs the digestive system. The toilet represents a very important excretory system. It is also the place where moisture, mold, and filth are most likely to be generated in the home. The aura has the most direct impact. The feng shui of the toilet is ventilated, dry, bright and clean, separated from dry and wet, and drained smoothly to avoid the generation of damp and dirty air, which directly affects the health of the whole family.

To build a good environment for toilet Feng Shui, we need to pay attention to five key points:

1. The toilet bowl should not face the toilet door

it is very private to go to the toilet. If the bowl face the toilet door is not only insecure when going to the toilet, but also unsightly. The foul air in the feng shui toilet will affect other areas of the home and easily affect the health and health of family members. If you can't turn to the fortune, it is recommended to use a crystal curtain to hang the toilet door to block the evil.

2. The toilet door should not face the front door, kitchen and bed

The toilet is the wettest area in the home. It will interfere with the airflow introduced by the door, which will cause the wealth of the family to be lost and the external fortune will be unfavorable.

The place where the food is cooked in the kitchen cannot be opposed to the toilet with dirty mouth. It will cause diseases to come in from the mouth, and evil to come out of the mouth. If this is the case, it is recommended that the toilet must be kept fresh, tidy, and dry, and a yellow or brown floor mat may be placed at the door of the toilet. With the soil movement in the five elements, the energy that suppresses the dirty air of the toilet water is prevented from spreading out.

The bed should be well rested if it interferes with the toilet door, which can cause dreaminess and poor sleep quality. After a long time, it is easy to be mentally weak. It is recommended that the toilet door be closed normally. If conditions permit, dry and wet separation can be done, and yellow Or coffee-colored curtains reduce the shock.

3. The stairs are above the toilet: the layout of the toilet under the ladder makes it impossible to discharge the dirty and moisture, which accumulates in the toilet, which will damage the resident's kidney system and hinder career and wealth. It is recommended to place green plants in the toilet, and put a permanent light, which can reduce the adverse effects of health and fortune.

4. The floor of the toilet should not be higher than the living room: the floor of the toilet is higher than that of the living room, and the sewage and moisture will easily flow outside to affect other areas. The living room represents the facade and external fortune. If it is lower than the dirty place, it will affect the decline of fortune and ruin. It is recommended to hang a five-element crystal bead curtain at the door of the toilet to adjust and relax the aura of the home. You can also put a red mat at the gate to enhance the overall family luck.

5. Do not pile up debris in the toilet: pile up debris in the toilet or use the toilet as a warehouse by the company, which is equivalent to blocking the excretion system, which is bound to have adverse health effects. Therefore, it is recommended not to pile up debris in the toilet, even if it is temporarily stacked, it must be kept tidy.

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